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2014 Trend In Party Dresses

If you like to go out and have fun and wear a dress every time you go out, then you can’t miss the 2014 trends that are characterized by the elegance and the presence of sparkles. Generally speaking we have to mention the precious stones, sequins, fringes, feathers or the style of the 20 years which is reflected in the vesta and dresses as you can see from various styles and for all tastes. Today we show some of the larger trends in party dresses featured in 2014.

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Low-Cost Party Dresses

Whenever an event lies ahead, concern focuses on to wear the color, design and even many worry that something can be offensive and inappropriate, because if you fail to repeat the outfit is something that destroys the pride of any.

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How To Match A Blue Dress

If you have a blue dress, you will serve both as a black cocktail dress. This color is at once elegant, but also with a lot of character, so you can use it at a wedding, a cocktail party or a birthday, both day and night.

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How to Accessorize Evening Dress?

10 women with the same party dress, neither will the the same way. How? With accessories! The guide to customize your party dress.

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The Importance of Accessories

Girls, feeling worse than opening the closet, futricar here, futricar there, and don’t have anything to wear? Oh life … wife suffers! But is it that are missing pieces in your closet?

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What Kind of Shoes To Wear With a White Dress

The white dresses are an option too, either for a look of daily beach or an occasion more special (but never for a wedding!). Are especially recommended for the summer and are phenomenal with tanned skin. It is very important to choose the accessories for a white dress and in particular to choose correctly the footwear; for that, consider the style of the dress and the opportunity to use it. In this article of a explain in detail what kind of shoes to wear with a white dress.

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Type of dress

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Pregnancy Fashion Must Haves

We have prepared a series of 6 pregnancy looks after closely studying the fashion for this autumn-winter collections. Of course, this cannot cover all the beautiful things offered both in French, English or Scandinavian brands including.

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Bridal Lace Dresses

Article today that I’m going to provide here is very important for any lady who is getting married, so I will speak about lace wedding dresses where these costumes are extravagant and very striking, since it has a wide variety of materials to choose your dress properly. Together the lace was previously mainly used in wedding dresses and eventually disappeared and was never again seen.

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Types of Cuts of Women’s Underwear

Mature women, it is clear that the covering is a tasteful, non disclosure. Cover and underwear supported not, however, mean giving up femininity and mummoutumista. On the contrary, at this age it is time to give femininity to flourish and bring experience to give self-confidence reflected in everything!

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Tips for Vintage Shopping

Very often the sizes of vintage dresses don’t match the sound current and we risk to take corners!


Many of us in recent years have become true passionate vintage shopping (read). We like to get into these very cool little shops, rummage and find our little sweetie! This can be a length of our favorite designer or from particular line (read), or a handbag but in any case it will be a unique and original article.

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