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Bridal Lace Dresses

Article today that I’m going to provide here is very important for any lady who is getting married, so I will speak about lace wedding dresses where these costumes are extravagant and very striking, since it has a wide variety of materials to choose your dress properly. Together the lace was previously mainly used in wedding dresses and eventually disappeared and was never again seen.

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Types of Cuts of Women’s Underwear

Mature women, it is clear that the covering is a tasteful, non disclosure. Cover and underwear supported not, however, mean giving up femininity and mummoutumista. On the contrary, at this age it is time to give femininity to flourish and bring experience to give self-confidence reflected in everything!

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Tips for Vintage Shopping

Very often the sizes of vintage dresses don’t match the sound current and we risk to take corners!


Many of us in recent years have become true passionate vintage shopping (read). We like to get into these very cool little shops, rummage and find our little sweetie! This can be a length of our favorite designer or from particular line (read), or a handbag but in any case it will be a unique and original article.

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Party Dresses for Night

This time we are going to give a few trends in prom dresses for good night which are original designs that give life and glamour to the various models that we can find, so you you highlight some tips so you can dress appropriately for these beautiful Christmas festivities. Therefore these prom dresses are elegant and propitious designs so you can be the attraction of all events that you invite.

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T-Shirts for Babies

In Yadogg show a series of t-shirts for babies that surely many Popes will be able to buy their children, also can be friends who take advantage of the birth of a baby to play a joke on the newly-minted potatoes, the proof is in these pictures.

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What to Wear to Nurse when It’s Hot?

After a month of may that looked a lot like too to a month of November (at least in the Paris region, and that those who live Nice and had the sun don’t Exult too much or I send them my umbrella on the nose), we won’t complain about this sudden heat that deliciously befell on us… But I get many questions about the best materials and cuts to the high temperatures. Here are my suggestions:
You can refresh things by choosing good materials, or the good cuts…

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Elegant Dresses for Christmas

Dresses always are exclusive and beautiful for the party night being glamorous designs and original by which in this holiday season we have to choose the best model so that you can be it more attractive and cute Christmas events that you invite, also we will help you to choose some beautiful designs with these images of elegant Christmas dresses that we’re going to show and so have the best model that your wish to for the good night.

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Vintage FAQs

But in the end what is the actual interest of the vintage? 
For smaller budgets, the vintage is the way to obtain parts of rare quality, which could never be obtained. A young girl on China province of antiques can find a well cut coat 1960s, a ready-to-wear of time very well. It will invest 100 euros, while in the retail sector, it would have had, at that price, a “crap”. The quality is really different. There is also a treasure side in vintage clothing: this is not a piece that will go out of style seen at the base, it is no longer fashionable! A vintage creation quickly takes a place of “basic” in a wardrobe: if you buy a 3-hole dress like Jackie Kennedy, it can be highlighted every year by changing his shoes, accessories. And then, people cling to the past, it reassures them!

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Didier Ludot Vintage Shop

How did you come to open your high fashion vintage store? 

Didier Ludot: I bathed in sewing since childhood. My mother and my grandmothers were elegant women, who kept all their clothes. We lived in a large house of province where an entire room was devoted to tuxedos grandparents, the wedding clothes, etc. Little I learned about the beaded bags 1925 embroidered dresses of my great aunts. I accompanied my mother regularly as the dressmaker: it obviously was not high fashion but it imitated the collections of the time. They chose the fabrics, fabrics together. I have always been rocked in there.Then at 30, I moved here in the Palais Royal.

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Emanuel Ungaro Resort 2016

Hungarian: most beautiful garments in the collection for autumn winter 2016-2017! The collection for the next cold season signed Emanuel Ungaro is really superchic and feminine, suited to the woman looking for style and elegance in the everyday life and most glamorous occasions. But we see all the designer clothes and the latest novelties presented in Paris!

The new collection of dresses signed by Emanuel Ungaro for autumn winter 2016-17 is characterized by patterns and prints deftly combine between them and, especially, is very rich in contrasts: the result is a mix of unusual and special, but full of style and femininity, able to conquer at first glance.

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