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Wedding Dresses Sew

On the most beautiful day in life every bride would like to wear the most beautiful dress. However, more sophisticated wedding dresses are unfortunately also relatively expensive. Some brides would not want to spend so much money on a wedding dress that is usually worn only on this one day. Nevertheless, you do not have to do without a luxurious wedding dress, if you show a little skill during sewing.

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Cardigan Sweater Knitting Instructions


  1. Timeless classics
  2. Material for the jacket:
  3. Knitting pattern for a classic Cardigan
  4. Material for the sweater:
  5. Knitting pattern for a classic sweater

Timeless classics

Put on and feel could be the motto for these two fine pieces. We tell you how you easily after can knit the sweater and cardigan.

Material for the cardigan:

  • Lana Grossa quality “Merino Air” (90% pure new wool (Merino), 10% polyamide, Mt = approx. 130 m / 50 g): approx 200 (250-300) g taupe (FB. 10)
  • Lana Grossa quality “Yak Merino” (30% new wool (Merino), 28% (baby) alpaca, 22% polyamide, 20% yak, LL about 110 m / 50 g =): approx. 300 (350-400) g raw silk (FB. 10)
  • Knitting needles No. 5.5, 7 and 9
  • 1 circular needle size 7, 80 cm long
  • 1 leather buckle Union button, art. 59976, 100 mm, 20 dark brown.

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How To Make Homemade Bread. Recipe

Although somewhat laborious, we like the kitchen we enjoy making our own breads at home. Here we explain all the secrets of how to make homemade bread, recipe step by step, with tips on the kneading and refining of the dough, fermentation and baking.

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Fall Leaves Mason Jar Candle

Autumn is the time when the days become shorter and the sun we see less and less. Precisely at this time we need light and heat more than ever. This will help candles – very simple, but ingenious invention that allows not only light, but also comfort. Many of us associate the flame of the candle with comfort, romance – and at the same time something mysterious. Even ordinary dinner will be special if the table is set and light candles.

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20 Ideas For Decorating With Glass Jars

There is currently a very bold slogan, recycle and reuse. These practices are friendly to the planet and lend themselves to create unique and very original decoration pieces. Long ago, our grandmothers taught us to give him a second chance to things that were apparently over its useful life.

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Turn Handbag into Backpack

Ladies, you’ve certainly already met him. One of the flagship of the women models and who need to have hands free and available. Very smart like system and simple to use, the handbag / backpack is a bag that will be very practical for modern, urban women. With more and more women, so it is an accessory that will make you an indispensable service to help with many tasks.

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Diy Anklets For Rustic Look

If you are a fan of DIY projects and love to try their hands on some new DIY accessories, then we’ve got just the thing for you-DIY anklets. These easy to make anklets are rustic and will make for some great gifts.


Let’s start with DIFFERENT DIY anklet:  According to a2zdirectory, there are three materials that are perfect to work with when it comes to anklets and they are: hemp yarn Thread, and leather straps Below are some very interesting ways in which you can make anklets using one of these materials. braided ankle bracelet Things needed: Hemp twine, wire, or strips of leather A pair of fabric scissors cutting You need four wires to work with this twisted ankle bracelet. The length of the wires must be four times larger than the size that you want. Step 1 Gather the four strands, fold them in half and tie a knot at the end folded to you end up with a loop as shown in the picture. Step 2 Separate the wires in two equal parts (i.e. four strands each).


Now, start the braid using the fishtail braid technique. If you’re not familiar with the technique, Here’s a quick guide to how to do it. First, take the external dimension of your left section and bring it over to the right section. Then take the external dimension of the section of law and bring it to the left section. Continue doing this to create your fish tail braid. Step 3 When you get to the end of the rope, tie it in a knot robust that you can then put through the loop on the other end to ensure the anklet. After mastering this anklet fishtail braid, you can pass to some of the most complicated and intricate braids. Tip: make a DIY leather anklet use this method for a look super cool. Note: You can attach hooks and clasps on the ends to secure the brace, if you want. beaded Anklet Things needed: Hemp twine, wire, or strips of leather A pair of fabric scissors cutting Beads Follow the procedure mentioned in the above Tutorial the only difference is that here, you’ll occasionally jail in a wooden or Crystal bead while braiding the threads. That way, you will be adding more color and detail to your ankle bracelet, making it very amateurish.


Tip: the anklet DIY wire is best when using this method. Video: make A Rustic Vase of Pringles Can-do it yourself Home-Guidecentral laced ankle bracelet Things needed: Video: 9 TIPS for DECORATING SMALL ROOM Hemp twine, wire, or strips of leather A pair of fabric scissors cutting Pearls, shells and whatnot This is perhaps the easiest DIY anklet that you can do. Does not involve braiding or looping and is perfect for those who don’t have the patience to be material braid. Video: DIY do it yourself quick rustic decor with Pallet Measure and cut the required length (Note: you don’t need four times the length that will not braid the thread in this method). String of pearls and whatnot as per your preference and node on both sides to keep them in place. Tie the ends in your foot when you want to use the anklet. Tip: A hemp anklet DIY works best for this look. Video: how to decorate rustic dining Table | WESTWING DIY anklets are one of the easiest things you can do. You don’t need a lot of things to make them and they look super cool, once finished. Be sure to buy all the necessary items in large quantities, because once you start, we can ensure that you’re not going to want to stop. Below are some more inspiration for DIY anklets. Get your girlies together and have some fum with them. Have fun making DIY anklets and be sure to gift them to your friends, you’ll love it for sure!

How to Make A Dirndl Apron

Dirndl Apron-So You Sew You

  1. Dirndl skirt or Schürzerl, as they say in Bavaria, you can easily sew me.For a dirndl skirt no model is needed. The first thing to cut a rectangle. It should be 100 cm in width, length depends on the length of the skirt. It was nice when the skirt is several centimeters shorter than the skirt.

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More Than 10 Very Sweet Gift Ideas

To celebrate a party or an important event we like that everything goes perfectly and that our guests are happy. A way of doing this is to give them a small gift so they remember fondly the celebration, but not always like receiving something that will then take place at home.

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Wedding Cake Sweet Table: Summer Inspiration

Do you feel like at a tea party in the garden? Photographer Désirée Rommel and cake stylist Aleksandra Macedo sent a so cute, beerig colorful styled shoot us, we need to first find enough to eat and show you second.

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