Vintage Lifestyle on the Godema Part 1

Wow, what a great weekend! I still do not know how to put all the many impressions into words. But first from the beginning. On Saturday and Sunday, the Vintage Lifestyle, an  event organized by the Vintage Flaneur, tookplace at the Godema in Bonn Bad Godesberg. As I know, I am not only an employee of this magazine, but I feel strongly […]


Ballad for Chubby Clothing

When it comes to ballads, soon think about clothes more daring and sexy. The different environments for fun, music and dance allow women bolder and youthful clothes, since it is not a formal event. That’s why women like to wear shorter skirts and dresses, shorts and other pieces, more adjusted to the body, most daring […]


Tips for Fatties Wear Light Clothes

The world of fashion offers a multitude of tricks, through colours or models of clothes. Each person has its stigma attached and use such tricks to disguise what you don’t like. All kinds of bodies can be favored (or not) with the different tricks that exist for the Act of dressing. Who is overweight, however, […]


How to Wear a Scarf

Autumn means neck wardrobe culture. But what is the best way to wear a scarf? Manolo provides five examples.


How to Match Tie to Shirt?

Office life services business, black tie or evening masked ball … Opportunities to wear a tie abound, social conventions either, and some men are even obliged to wear from Monday to Friday …


How to Choose Tie Width

“A woman can run for hours to find a gift for a man. It always ends with a tie,” said Earl Joseph Wilson. Beyond reproach, I do not mind receiving a gift tie, provided this is good!

Clothing Jewelry

Tips to Match Accessories!

One of the things I love in this world fashion is that of “accessories”, I’m addicted even kkkkkk, as I worked for 11 years in the jeweler, I’ve always done many creative and harmonious compositions with the jewels that always inspired fashion for my dear customers at that time. 


Ties-A Style Guide

The use of neckties has a long tradition and now global distribution. Tradition is an older one than you might think: the first use of the highly popular item of clothing for the Lord has already taken place in the former Roman Empire, but in a modified form. However, the idea remained the same: to give […]


The Importance of Accessories

Girls, feeling worse than opening the closet, futricar here, futricar there, and don’t have anything to wear? Oh life … wife suffers! But is it that are missing pieces in your closet?