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Wool Sweaters for The Cold Days

When comes the cold, one of the best clothes to combat it are the wool sweaters. Easy to wear, comfortable and above all warm. As always, the low-cost companies are our saviors and most recurrent shops to choose our favorite design. Mango you have them all models and styles.

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Elegant Dresses for Christmas

Dresses always are exclusive and beautiful for the party night being glamorous designs and original by which in this holiday season we have to choose the best model so that you can be it more attractive and cute Christmas events that you invite, also we will help you to choose some beautiful designs with these images of elegant Christmas dresses that we’re going to show and so have the best model that your wish to for the good night.

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LED Lighting for Outdoors

LED lighting is now democratic. Good news for our gardens, we will be able to enlighten not to mention because there is no energy-efficient bulbs. Marie Beyrie, product manager at Keria, sheds light on the subject.

LED lighting is a recent technology?

Marie Beyrie: This technology is actually for years. Initially, the LEDS were present in electronic devices where they acted as seers. At the time, they were not powerful enough to light up. Their two main advantages were their low energy consumption and reduced their cost of production.

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Latest Trends in Underwear

Once it gets colder, I cover myself not only with warm clothing one but rummage like in the shops for the latest trends in underwear. Finally the holidays are also not too far away and beautiful lingerie ought to have every woman in the closet! Be present it for your own well-being or to be the partner of its best.

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Inspirations of Nails for Christmas!

As usual, every woman in the time to assemble a look for a “common” gets desperate huh? The wardrobe is always full, but we never get undressed and when we have the clothes don’t have the shoe or purse or accessories, what to say so of special times like Christmas? We lost! But Between Divas are here to solve your problems and show the path to mount a look wonderful and raze the holidays without forgetting any details!

Well, we will continue so “the saga for Christmas part II-nails”, will be pretty quick since on this subject doesn’t have much to say and Yes show, then exemplify through pictures, some tips for all styles.

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End of Year at Mary Lady

Is near the end of the year and the scene repeats itself: women excited, bouncy for shopping, and men with aqueeela animation to go along in every store! Hahahahahahaha! Who is woman can understand the feelings, the emotions we feel when we leave for a “Shopping Day“, clarooo that with their credit card (preferably neh?!), as it does not help in shopping, then help pay for them. Just kidding boys painted a moment relaxing here on the blog! RS

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