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The 7 Perfect Looks of Pull and Bear Chosen for This Season

We continue with the Ad of the month of March for this season, and now comes the turn to Pull and Bear Since a few months I decided to bet on draw each mez a series of looks where they pick up outfits of the season with ideas to combine them and to achieve innovative and different sets with all garments that have in their catalog. And the truth is that in addition to being an innovative idea, it is a good way to get ideas for our seasonal outfits and build a from there, as we saw in the interview that we did a Couple of Cup the best source of inspiration is to see many different looks to go assimilating as our ideas and refine them and adjust them to our style and way of dressing.

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The Best Street Style of The Week (XLIX)

One more week we started with the stylistic review with the best looks of Street of the blogosphere, because non of the more atrevistos or showy. Today’s selection is the most varied and has a point very eclectic, and it is quue although we continue in winter, temperatures rise suddenly and surprised us most spring days with their respective summer outfits.

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Five Shoes With Which You Can Welcome The Summer

After we have recently found six chinos, which the man needs in the summer of 2017, we dedicate ourselves today to the appropriate footwear. For this reason, I would like to introduce you to five types of shoes, which in my opinion make a good figure in summer. Do not worry, the sandal is not to be found under it-but may also be due to the fact that I can not do much with this “shoe”.

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What Kind of Shoes To Wear With a White Dress

The white dresses are an option too, either for a look of daily beach or an occasion more special (but never for a wedding!). Are especially recommended for the summer and are phenomenal with tanned skin. It is very important to choose the accessories for a white dress and in particular to choose correctly the footwear; for that, consider the style of the dress and the opportunity to use it. In this article of a explain in detail what kind of shoes to wear with a white dress.

You also might be interested in: what shoes go with a yellow dress

Type of dress

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Stockholm Shopping: Local Fashion

Here comes the sequel in the series about Stockholm’s shops. Later, it was High Fashion , and today we are focusing on more local fashion.

There are a growing number of stores that asserts itself with a range of greater local presence. It’s very Swedish in small editions and largely by smaller, unestablished designers. Manolo presents: Local Fashion stores in Stockholm.

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What Shoes to Wear With Printed Leggings

The legging is part of the basic wardrobe

The leggings is one of the essential clothing dressing. The basic wardrobes are timeless clothes that are the backbone of your wardrobe.

If you want to learn about the basics of dressing? I suggest you read this article.

And you, how do you wear printed leggings? Do not hesitate to let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Still favors a small heel when you wear printed leggings . Flat shoes will render too packed. Wear ballet flats with leggings, it’s frankly not very flattering. The goal is to put the curves of your legs in value! So what shoe to wear with leggings ? Various possibilities awaits you! Combines your printed leggings with:

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How to Wear The Parka?

The parka is a real basic wardrobe. It is a coat that combines comfort and modernity. But how to wear it without overstated the casual look? Read this article to choose your parka and well everyday wear.

1) Choose the right parka

The parka is a coat of military origin. It is mostly the thicket time and wind: the coat. Fight against the cold quintessential Drop the transparent neo parka, too short or multicolored, is it better to invest in a basic yet beautiful you never get tired and will be timeless.

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Top Spring Summer Fashion Trends

The winter weather should not prevent people from looking ahead. For it is soon – according to the calendar if nothing else – time to spring, and that means new trends and colors. In this blog post, the spring and summer trends are talked about, so you can be well dressed for the – hopefully – good and long summer.

But before looking ahead, look back last year first. It is not all the trends from the past year that deserves to be thrown out to the right – and some of the same colors and trends go again this year. So what characterized last year and what you may want to keep in your wardrobe a bit yet?

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