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Jost Bags Review

The Jost brand Jost since it was founded 2002 by owner and designer Dietmar for expressive and clean designs that are straightforward but still full of details. The bags and backpacks are timeless on the one hand and on the other hand go with the current trend topic of the Scandinavian flair. All products are made in Europe!

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Backpacks and Luggage by GoVinci

There are many types of custom bags and backpacks, but if we go changing the decoration, and also make the child to feel as an artist, you can opt for the drawings of children with rucksäcke und customizable.

These school bags and suitcases with wheels incorporate a transparent framework so that we can get the picture that our children choose. GoVinci backpacks with frame they are indicated for children from age two and are sold in three colors: green, blue and pink.

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Kappa WA407 and WA408 Waterproof Bags

While it may still marceando that are going on bike we need to protect our things, and for that, from Kappa presented us the new bags Kappa WA407 and WA408. Two new members of the family Dry Pack manufactured in Appeareance 500 d PVC sealed with high frequency (seamless) technology. The Tarpaulin is a highly resistant and durable material that offers a total impermeability. This also helps the closure of roll which, in addition, enables compacting the size of bags and adapt them to what we transport.

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Fall Winter 2016 Bags Trend

The fashion industry introduces several new collections, colours and fabrics us year. At the moment is our team of shopping at trade fairs and ordered new jewelry pieces and comes back with a lot of tips and trends in the bag department store. We are of course already very excited what expect us spring/summer 2017 for Pocket novelties. But today I would like to inform you about the latest trends of the fall/winter collection. What are the new must-haves, which colors are trend and what is said above all in terms of bags!

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Back to School Backpacks

That’s it, back to school is underway. School buses through the streets of the city to bring our little ones to school and bring them back safely.In the routine, the backpack is part of school effects who will be carrying around in a big way. It is therefore essential to see that it is strong and durable. Of course, when we talk about sustainability, we can think of the Canadian brand Herschel bags but I still offer some interesting alternatives that will appeal to your little schoolboy.

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