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How Many Android Smartphones You Buy in Brazil For the Price of a Apple Watch?

Apple just release the price of your smart watch in Brazil. Are you sitting? The cheapest Apple Watch model arrives for the low price of R $2,899, while the classical version can be found by R $3,299. Below, you can see a list of Android smartphones that you find for the price of a Apple Watch.

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The Sony SmartWatch Comes in March by 120 Euros

Many were asking them and already have the information for you directly from Sony Spain. Nearby is the premium version of the LiveView, with finishes of higher quality and a desire for users of Android phones,.

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Hannspree Sports Watch

To make a hole in the middle of so many products wearables, Hannspree launched a smart, economical and functional Watch called Hannspree Sportwatch. A new mobile device to quantify our day to day.

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Android N Developer Preview 2, Yet Many News Emerged Today

Continue to blast off small innovations of the new Android Developer Preview 2 N, released the day before yesterday. We are now secondary details, but are nevertheless very interesting. For example, we start with a clarification concerning the new quick setting of the calculator: it turns out that also functions above the lock screen; Obviously Google has judged harmless enough, and we can only agree.

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Moto 360 Android Wear Version

Great ideas that show us different looks of Android Wear in the Moto 360

If there is a smartwatch is expected with great anticipation-and not talk about the iWatch-that certainly is the Moto 360. The few trailers that has shown Motorola on your smart watch and show that lies above everything we have seen so time. its sleek and elegant design, coupled with being the first device to implement Android Wear are already more than enough reasons to want to launch.

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Hisense Android Cell Phones

China’s Hisense will be at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with three new smartphones, ready to be launched on the Italian market over the next few weeks.

Hisense C1, C20 and L676 must therefore be to enrich the portfolio of device made by Asian company and present themselves as attractive solutions for the presence of some innovations and for a rather competitive price/quality ratio.

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Android Operating System Problems

December is really a good month. Since there are the advent calendar and also the advent Sundays, Christmas and new year’s Eve. Fill up a time of contemplation and of the forces. But not when it comes to Google OS.

In the contact application of latest jelly bean December namely simply missing times completely. Create birthdays in December? Is it not !

Well, almost.  You can continue this to create your Google account on the computer. Just like in the Android developers but, will come relatively quickly a bug fix and you again create people that have seen the light of day in the winter month.

ZTE Dual-SIM Blade V6 Smartphone Review

ZTE has presented in advance of the IFA with the new blade V6 2015 another Smartphone. The unit has a 5-inch screen, an aluminum frame and LTE. With this Smartphone, especially younger users will be addressed.

The new ZTE blade V6 will be available from 1 September 2015 in the trade. The Smartphone has a 5-inch (12.7 cm defined on ablogtophone) display. Also the housing is made here first fully aluminium, which reduce the weight and heat can derive better. By the rounded corners, the developers of the blade V6 have missed an ergonomic design and made sure that it lies well in the hand. With 6.8 mm, the Smartphone has been designed also very thin.

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