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Wikipad 3D Tablet

The name might suggest the popular free encyclopedia but that is not the case: in reality we are talking about a very particular product officially launched at CES in Las Vegas; maybe nothing revolutionary but definitely something different from what the competition is presenting these days.

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Snakebyte UNU Gaming Edition Tablet

Raccimolate between 199 and $249, and Snakebyte may in time change dates give you Unu—a tablet, a Bluetooth gamepad, a TV dock, and a remote control also works with gesture. This, at least theoretically, because unfortunately it is not a device made and finished but only a prototype on display at CES in Las Vegas, most importantly not working.

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BlackBerry Affordable Phones

The BlackBerry Priv is too ambitious: technically good, fast security updates, but the price is not-right and keep out of success. Now two more affordable Android powered devices will do it.

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Cyanogen OS Powered Smartphone

The Spanish telco brings a Smartphone with the Aquaris X 5 of the Spanish manufacturer BQ as the first network operator with the alternative Android ROM Cyanogen OS on the market. First in Spain, soon but also in our country

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Android Operating System Problems

December is really a good month. Since there are the advent calendar and also the advent Sundays, Christmas and new year’s Eve. Fill up a time of contemplation and of the forces. But not when it comes to Google OS.

In the contact application of latest jelly bean December namely simply missing times completely. Create birthdays in December? Is it not !

Well, almost.  You can continue this to create your Google account on the computer. Just like in the Android developers but, will come relatively quickly a bug fix and you again create people that have seen the light of day in the winter month.