Tablets Android, 1.2 Million Devices Worldwide

As some already know Google records the data of Android devices in the Market according to the size of them and the version of the operating system screen to subsequently perform a public statistics, which we have already spoken once in the blog, which you can check whenever you want and also with data that is updated every so often.

Well, no one certainly you that smartphones dominate the Android ecosystem, however tablets start to have prominence and there is more How many exactly? There is no exact figure but if we make a couple of quick observations we can get an estimate of how many Android tablets in the world.

John Gruber, Daring Fireball blog popular, has made this estimate based on two data: on the one hand Larry Page mentioned the week that there are approximately 130 million Android devices in the world. A figure which by the way is not bad.

If we go to the statistics according to size in the Google web we see that the percentage of extra large devices, i.e. the 7- and 10.1-inch tablets, represent 0.9% or what is the same: 1.2 million tablets that work with Android.

A figure quite small if we take into account the percentage of smartphones or competition. However, according to Gruber, this survey those tablets that have not triggered are not in the Android Market in a period of seven days or not to those who, for reasons of the manufacturer, do not carry the Market, although in this case should be quite few.

It will be interesting to review this chart at the end of year and compare it with the number of Android devices for those dates and see how this sector has grown. We already have the market tablets of very good quality at very competitive prices so it is a matter of time that 1.2 million units continues to grow.