Sygic Aura

With a thrilling 3-D cityscape mixes Sygics aura the Navi-app scene on – here can show the iPhone 4, which it can.

Sygic aura is not an update of the earlier available app Sygic mobile maps, but a whole new program. Also many other navigation providers will have to offer soon new programs, taking over the costs for the bi-annual map updates – it is not unlimited free can play them. Sygic aura with 26 to 70 euro costs about 20 euros more than the still available mobile maps, a transport service is however not yet available.

Community with 3-D highlights

Sygic sold aura as a new community platform, which is to offer more than just navigation with live tracking other participants, Internet services, city guides and weather information. However, the main novelty is definitely the impressive 3-D representation from around 50 cities including all buildings.

One is approaching a building, the building height be reduced gradually, so that the clarity through the 3-D effects never gets into danger – for the numerous additional inserts provide, because it is somewhat full already on the screen. Always soft even when scrolling and rotating animation of the map, however, is the hammer – seen something with no navigation.

During the operation it is noticed the descent from mobile maps – the menus are similar to built up on the color scheme, Sygic aura inherited also the sub-functions and some Nickligkeiten. Entering milestones is not possible reworking of the route, also not.

Sygic has not fully exhausted the iPhone 4 features: the app pauses the deactivation or a phone call, but the navigation not running in the background. Unfortunate, because aura is not only as fast as the ALK CoPilot, but made good on the go up on a few uncertainties in the language issue.