Swimwear for Men

Men also have the shape of swimwear choices! Of course, the dilemma between swimsuit one piece, bikini and other trikini does not, but swimwear man rays offer forms and varied colors.

Several criteria are taken into account when choosing: fashion, morphology but also the type of use: at the pool, all the shirts are allowed!

Here sportingology will list the most popular swimwear for man that allowed to the pool:

The Speedo

The Speedo is the traditional shirt for men. Always in vogue in the pools, its use is less common among younger people who prefer the boxer.

The shorty or boxer of bath

The shorties and boxers are variants of the boxers, less detailed and more skinny. The shorty is a little shorter than the boxer. This form of Jersey is accepted by the pools provided that the jerseys are not too loose.

The blindfold slip

The blindfold slip offers a form halfway between the underwear and the boxer. The cut is square.

Man Beach swimsuits:

The short shorts or pants of bath

Although forbidden in the vast majority of municipal pools, shorts remains very much in vogue among men, who wear it to the beach. Wide shape, its length varies according to the brands and models.

The long shorts and boardshorts

Long shorts or jacket is inspired by the style of surfers. As wide as the boxers of bath, they are up to the knees or slightly above.

Trends of summer for the bathing suit man

This summer, the mode will be very much at the blindfold slip and boxer for swims in the pool, and boardshorts to the beach.

Colors, finished United models or the Hawaiian, the trend for summer flowers will be in the Black Jersey, cheered up by motives or brightly colored lettering, or even fluorescent.

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