Swimwear for Different Body Types

Who says “summer” said also “but what Jersey I’m going to wear?” … Linda deliver you some very useful tips to your morphology.

Look for a swimsuit, it’s a bit like looking for the great love. We dream of him for a long time, one day is believed to find it then we attack him
without thinking and there is the drama… To avoid the mistakes of casting and don’t realize its mega blunder in September, on vacation photos (nan but what’s that ass?), Linda made the plunge into the world of the

morphology and responds in image to the question: “which suit for which?

  1. e.:1 piece swimsuit eras,bandeau bikini La Redoute and triangle bikini eras(PE07)
  • The “V” or inverted triangle-type silhouettes
  • The ‘X’ or type hourglass silhouettes
  • The silhouettes ‘H’ or skinny type
  • The silhouettes ‘A’ or pear

They are called Demi Moore, Pink, Laure Manaudou, Hilary Swank and Stephanie of Monaco (I know, examples, sometimes, it’s pretty rough), they have thin legs, small hips, a buttock of the larger but broad shoulders and a little size or not marked. With a tendency to grow especially from the top (arm, belly, chest), their body shape is quite masculine and sporty. For them, it is balancing the high with the low, i.e.: not to increase their shoulders square, keep chest-if need be-and try to make their wider hips, at least in appearance. Upstairs, told no Bras knotted in the neck for the benefit of the classic suspenders. 1 room, we opt for a deep V neckline that refines the middle part. Downstairs, we can all afford but the boxers or panties high waist will give more volume to the hips and so will better balance the silhouette.

Yes: boxer, shorty, panties, BRA triangle to frames or rack, 1 piece swimsuit or tankini V neck and straps always classic shape. Tip: the integrated belt (how James Bond Girl) puts the size in value and emphasizes the hips while drawing the eye.

No: Low cut bra to tie in the neck, wide BRA, bandeau and mini-culotte.

They are called Monica Bellucci, Scarlett Johansson, Dita Von Teese, or Lindsay Lohan, they have a fine and well marked size with a very well proportioned body (buttocks and chest, just what it takes). When they grow (and Yes, it happens even to the best!), their silhouette remains properly proportionate. The look is feminine and well laid curves. For them, no restriction special, so we have freedom and we adapt to the specific details: chest generous, legs to lengthen, small complexes to hide…

Yes: Almost everything after that is a matter of taste!

Note: A boxer shortens the legs while indented panties will tend to lengthen them. A bikini to tie it is sexy, certainly, but on too protruding bones this is the effect on too round hips and guaranteed bone bag, it’s downright roast NET. For the top, generous breasts will opt for a model frame that better supports the breasts, the headband and the SG triangle being reserved for other, less buxom.

The most emblematic of them is called Kate Moss, but also include: Keira Knightley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Paris Hilton, Kirsten Dunst, Vanessa Paradis, or the Olsen sisters… Them, these are the twigs. With few forms and thin by nature, they can almost wear but must be careful not to appear too thin (for more large) or girls (for girls), in short, do not lose a gram of femininity. We said yes to banner, 1 piece with cutouts, SG triangle, the poofy pants or hook. At zap: nothing in particular, except maybe too indented panties or strung on the hips such bones are too prominent or the push-up bra for smaller breasts.

Yes: 1 piece swimsuit with cutouts that mark forms (ultra graphic and very fashion), the bikini triangle and strings to tie the band in all its forms, the panties bra size low, floating and frilly (likely 60’s baby doll), etc.

No: the BRA that flattens the chest or the full coverage when there is too little boobs to fill it… Downstairs, the girls thinner whose hips out much will avoid very low-necked panties and bikinis with strings to tie.

They are called Jennifer Lopez, Emmanuelle Béart, Jessica Alba or Shakira (you see what I mean, isn’t it?) … Blouse, callipyge silhouette remains the canon of beauty from the South (to the top among latinos or African Nations). Developed hips, a diaper rebounded well and thighs to fat tendency, they nevertheless have a rather menu bust and a little or no oppulente chest. For them, it is of course put the chest, if necessary, by cheating a little, while refining the legs and by minimizing hips and glutes.
For that, we put on a bra with Underwire, if necessary push up, and to tie in the neck to increase the volume of the shoulders. Downstairs, we love panties or a shorty size low (if you don’t have the legs are too short and too large seat). Finally 1 room, preferred models to tie in the neck and not too echancres at the may focus on buttocks or saddlebags. In summary, for high, few prohibitions provided that they crush not the natural volume of the breasts (as do the bras or banner), but downstairs, we avoid the strings and cords of all kinds as well as the big panties or boxers size high or / and too low.

From l to r: Jersey SG shell push-up and panties “Lusaka” Darjeeling / 1 piece swimsuit neckline deep V with La Redoute jewelry / Jersey boxer and sg triangle ‘Stopover’ Princesse tam.tam.

Yes: everything that puts the chest and shoulders in values (SG shell, push up or rack, tie in the neck), same principle for the 1 piece (knotted in the neck with deep V neckline), etc.

No: prohibitions apply only to the bottom. Include the big panties (or box) size high (or too low) and very indented. Attention also to the lacing/ficelages on the hips and horizontal stripes.