Swimming Caps: Protection And Now… Customization!

After a few weeks of adaptation to return to our routine in the pool, I want to tell you of something fundamental in my training, the ! Cap !

Discover why?

Here are a few reasons:

Is one of the most listened by the hygiene both itself and the environment in which we swim. The day many hair dropped us and in this way we help protect pools filters and other users to enjoy pleasant manner of their training.

By own hair protection, since pools tend to have a large amount of chlorine and this is very harmful to major exhibitions of time, weakens it and opens it and if the hair is dyed even can discolor it.

By comfort , when we practice swimming, it is a way to carry a more collected way hair and that glasses also hold better, in this way, our training will be more enjoyable.

Finally and for my most important, by health. To wear the CAP, avoid the water directly enters the ear, making direct water barrier Cap.

Now commit4fitness will lists the different types of hats for swimming according to the material;


They are very comfortable and easy to put on.

Do not tighten.

They do not prevent the entry of water, since they are very permeable.

Wear out more quickly than the mesh and fall more easily by you that are not recommended for intensive use.

Mesh induced:

It is a mixture of silicone and fabric.

They protect a little more hair, without either tighten.

Of the three types, they have an intermediate degree of comfort and waterproof, perfect for casual swimmers seeking leisure and well-being.


It is waterproof, embossed silicone but not water-resistant.

Distinguished by the comfort to apply and remove, in addition to not strip the hair.

Perfect if you’re casual swimmer with all comfort you are looking for in practice.

Very tight. At the beginning if you are not used, you will feel a little more pressure, but you acostumbrarás quickly.

It protects and collects the hair very well.

It is very tough and durable to chlorine.

Prevents to a large extent the creation of otitis.

Perfect for intensive use, will be that last more and more protect you.

Are you undecided? My advice is to always use a silicone Cap, since the benefits, are many as you may have seen.Once you get used will be the most comfortable find you it since it does not move and will not enter water. You won’t need to put sunglasses and hair over and over again, it will last several seasons and will protect to the fullest the entrance of water in the ears.

In addition, you can now enjoy the customization service offering Decathlon, ideal if you belong to a club or even if you want your hat is unique, since it is something very personal that can perfectly define your character as a swimmer.

I hope that this post will be useful for choosing Cap this season and even to create the hat you’ve always wanted!
Do not hesitate to share with us your creation!