Swimming and Bathing During Pregnancy

Finally in the tub! After a long day there is nothing better, especially, if the back hurts. But Baden is ever allowed in pregnancy?

There are so many things that are forbidden in the pregnancy-as it is not surprising that many expectant mothers are unsure whether they are bathing or swimming in pregnancy. Finally, they want not unknowingly damage the unborn child and risk even a miscarriage or premature labor.

Swimming in pregnancy: Tips

The good news directly advance: bathing is allowed in pregnancy. Even in the first months of early pregnancy, you may get in the tub and relax in the warm water. There are however a few tips and hints that you should keep in mind.

Excessively high temperatures can harm the baby. So not too hot bath and pays attention to temperatures below 38 degrees Celsius. Remains the best no longer than 10 to 15 minutes in the water. Because some mothers struggling with circulation problems, you should make getting a glass of water while swimming beside the tub. Drinking helps when you feel nauseous. During pregnancy, you should take as just a bath if you are not alone and can call for help if necessary.

Since essential oils like cinnamon or camphor can cause premature contractions, you should refrain from. Best talk to your midwife, what you should look for when bathing in the pregnancy.

A warm bath will help to put labour in power. That’s true only if the baby is really ready. If you have mild contractions, you can determine whether or not it is real labor with bathing. The spurious disappear by the warm water. The labor, however, does not subside, it will time in the hospital.

Swimming in pregnancy

In addition to bathing some pregnant women are also uncertain, as it is with swimming during pregnancy. There are also all-clear: However, nothing is wrong. Swimming is a super sport for pregnant women, because the joints are not charged and in water you feel weightless again and as slim as before the baby bump.

Swimming pool and Lake are okay during pregnancy, pregnant women, however, should avoid hot tubs. The water is warmer, so that bacteria can reproduce better. Since the level of acidity in the vagina is reduced during pregnancy, increases the risk of a fungal infection.