Sutor Mantellassi Shoes

Fashion’s surface. But it is the work behind that gives shape. In a new article series, we’ll look more closely at the details that distinguish some of the world’s leading manufacturers. The first Italian Shoemaker Sutor Mantellassi.

Sutor Mantellassi uses not less of five designs. Everything from randsytt in line with the British school to more pronounced Italian designs that Blake and Bologna construction. This model uses a design called Construzione Norvegese, a process that will include 600 stitches and is characterized by two sewing lines that run parallel along the shoe’s soles. For a more detailed explanation and recommended the following page.

The blue sole have come to characterize s. Mantellassis shoes. A detail, as senseless as wonderful.

The brothers Ettore and Enea Mantellassi started in 1912 a shoemaker in Florence. Soon 100 years later is Sutor Mantellassi a reputable name among footwear manufacturers listed on ShoesEspecially. Although the brand today is represented all over the world produced only a few thousand pairs of shoes per year.

When Italian actress and style icon Marcello Mastroianni in 1965 made a cast of her feet on Hollywood Boulevard, he made it, of course, wearing shoes from Sutor Mantellassi.

You can twist and turn on a couple of Sutor Mantellassi into their infinity, from every angle, these are great shoes. The shape that largely occurs after a long time of reading gives an incredibly soft feel that is in the best possible way follow the foot. Check out especially the back and sides that resemble as much about streamlined sports car like a pair of shoes.

Superior finish is something that really characterizes Italian shoemakers. The rich hue difference gives the shoes a unique expression that grow old with dignity.

Sutor Mantellassi-shoes in the picture comes from His next door(Birger Jarlsgatan 58) and costs SEK 8400.