Surround Set KEF KHT 8005

Audiophile sound from a design Surroundset? KEF with his tricky KHT 8005 (1300 Euro) shows how it’s done.

With the KHT 8005, KEF dares a hybrid company. It should be a classic set of 5.1 surround sound, visually, it resembles more a surround VIRTUALIZER. But where structures such as cantons simulate the surround DM 2 with intelligent electronics, the KHT 8005 with five discrete channels, which provide for the tried and true all around sound works.

The two front channels and the Center have the famous, KEF typical uni-Q midrange coax, which is known for its excellent spatial as well as two mid-range drivers.

In contrast to conventional 5.1 sets all three front channels in an aluminium housing are called HTF 8003. This is so small, smart and noble advised that it perfectly fits underneath every flat screen – also because KEF is the common Samsung painting inspired the color.

Easily setting up and connecting

With the KHT 8005, you fortunately has not the usual problems of installation, which brings a classic 5.1 system with through the handy 3-in-1 solution for the front group.

Quickly, the HTF 8003 is attached to the wall under the flat screen thanks to the rail at the back. The small and lightweight satellites can be simply and easily attach to the walls.

But also on the sideboard can be stylishly stop the 8003 Stoppers supplied with the two. The only thing important to note: This kit is designed for installation in a wall near. If it has to forgo the help of wall reflection, it sounds fast little dünnlich. But most will be grateful to for this condition, where it says but otherwise mostly hostile to housing in terms of speaker: more distance to the wall.

Surprisingly wide stereo image

First of all, the testers wanted to hear solo the HTF 8003, because that this sound sticks in the location to be to conjure up a satisfying stereo sound, you could imagine not so easily.

But after the first bars of “Tuva rap” by Melo X (on the titles CD by stereoplay 5/07) was clear: this Petite aluminum bar makes for a surprisingly broad and going into the deep sound. The bass from the subwoofer kube was 2 not a bit spongy and supported the banker and natural reproduction efforts.

Now all five channels on their surround skills were tested with Sting’s live version of “Message In A Bottle” in Dolby True HD: mighty loud and brutally powerful is different. For this, the KHT 8005 formed from very fine. The resolution was so high that every detail was audible–and that even at low levels.

So the set not only by his noble, living-room-friendly design, but also delicate dexterity, speech intelligibility, and unexpectedly expansive stereo sound is recommended.