Sun Salutation for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a very special moment, divine and full of delicious surprises and discoveries! Raises some anxieties, fear of the unknown, even mental and physical discomforts. But all this for be minimized when a woman begins to get to know each other better and to understand this moment in which everything turns, each day during the practice of prenatal Yoga adapt some Asana (physical postures) so that pregnant women can practice and feel good! A tip is to practice the Surya Namaskar, IE, the sun salutation. The series will help more extended the column, arms, legs, prepare the diaphragm (muscle requested during breaths), in addition to bringing warmth, strength and endurance required during pregnancy and in childbirth.


Get ready to warm up, strengthen and stretch. Follow the instruction of campingship step by step:


Feet parallel, hands in prayer at the time of the heart. Drive your hands towards the high (stretching the torso and the whole side of the body)

2 – Urdhva Hastanasana

Keep your hands in the air forms a triangle between them (indicators and thumbs touch each other) and drive the arms and torso stretched down


Elongated legs (you can adjust using blocks to support the hands) and slightly separated, feet parallel, release the weight of the hands, arms and head toward the ground and stay for two to three breaths

4-Bending knees

Slightly bend your knees and lean hands on them. Go stretching your knees and raising the trunk. Arms stretched in front of the body and get their hands, forming the triangle again.

5-total Elongation

Raise your arms, take your hands in the air, on the top of the head and look in the center of the triangle

6-go back to the position number 4

7-go back to the position number 3

8-go back to the position number 2

9-go back to the position number 1

10-take a deep breath before releasing the arms (3 to 4 breathing)

11-Exhaling, release your hands and relax in standing posture.

Pregnant woman: Luisa Ahmed and your baby Dora

Photos: Lorraine Prokisch

Namaste = the God that dwells in me, the health God that dwells in You