Summer T-Shirt Dresses

Want a dress of original Beach for you to strut on the sand this summer? And if you were trying to make it yourself? Thanks to two very simple methods, you will be the most original this summer and without spending a penny! By retrieving a t-shirt of your Darling Max, you will impress all your friends!

Summer T-Shirt Dresses

For perfectionists, the strapless in a t-shirt dress

You’re not very good at sewing, but you want to create original clothes? You have to own and control a sewing machine? The crafting world is full of solutions to make life easier and allow you to give life to all your desires. With a pair of scissors, irons and bonding Ribbon, you will you make yourself a little dress simple but the most beautiful effect in a simple t-shirt cut to your sweetie!

  1. As a first step, cut with scissors the sleeves and put them aside, they will serve you later.
  2. Cut the t-shirt in its width at the shoulders using the low edge of the neck to cut in a straight line from side to side of the garment.
  3. By following the seam, separate the front from the back of the remaining part with a pair of scissors, then cut the seam of sleeves: you must have before you two large squares and two long strips.

4 Close the long strip width to the width of a square. Repeat with the other two pieces of fabric. Go Summerdressesstore for summer lace dresses at cheap price.

5 Take a Ribbon of fabric interfacing. Unite every band with each square by gluing on the length the interfacing. Place a cloth on the Assembly and gently move the iron hot as for ironing the two fabrics together.

  1. Drop of the interfacing on the two lengths of one of the two assembled parts and rest the second part on the first.Cover of the fabric and repeat the ironing on the two lengths.

You are in a few minutes with a new small strapless dress, perfect for a summer light.

For the pressed, t-shirt folding

Just like the principle of origami paper, you can make a pretty summer dress in a t-shirt XXL of your baby by performing a simple folding. Less exhaustive, this method is perfect for quick donning an original clothing that looks more like a t-shirt.

1 Put on the t-shirt of your jules.

  1. Arrange to put on the neck under your armpits.

3 Col above your chest, get a first run and stretch it on your chest to cross it: the right sleeve plate on the chest will stretch to the left breast and vice versa.

4 Get the handle in the neck above the chest and repeat on the other side. You end up with a strapless pleated on the chest.

This is a way simple for you dress up in 30 seconds flat. Just you more than to accessorize your outfit to make it more sophisticated: belt, pouch, kimono… What impress your girlfriends at a lower cost!