Subwoofer Martin Logan Dynamo 700

The Martin Logan Dynamo 700 (790 euros) liked with a downright ludicrous authority and accuracy. His sound was ultra clean even at wildest sound escapades.

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Also the third woofer in the bunch can both conventional audio signals via RCA cable as even wirelessly to take limited but otherwise to its function as a subwoofer. The speech is 700 by Martin Logan, who has a standard receiver unit for a proprietary, Bluetooth-like transmission path from the Dynamo.

At the other end, say in the area of the amplifier or receiver required transmitter there only for an extra fee of EUR 175. Advantage: Who uses the cable input only, not necessarily with pay the relatively expensive transmitter.

Keep in mind, the sound on the track could stay with a wireless solution, are largely unfounded. In fact even much for the use of wireless access talks. The route operates in the 2.4 gigahertz band with a resolution of 16 bits and a sampling rate of 48 kHz, is thus high resolution as the CD standard. At the same time the user saves purchase and laying long RCA cables, which are usually never completely lossless and sometimes cause hum problems, as if the woofer on a different circuit than the amplifier.

Apart from this peculiarity of the Dynamo 700 is a normal subwoofer, more specifically one of the audiophile, but affordable variety. Like his colleague by ELAC, he dispenses with background noise-prone reflex tubes and compensated for their missing Deep bass support with thicker amplifiers and large diaphragm excursions. The built-in class-amplifier of d makes available, making a crazily hub joyful 25-centimeters-chassis legs bouncing 300 Watts of continuous power (five times as much as in the Canton).

Measured values of the Logan are the best in our three-way discussion prompt. With 22 Hertz relative to-3 decibels he climbs a full octave deeper into the bass cellar as the significantly more favourable colleague of Canton. Volume covered by 80 percent of smaller ELAC he surpasses the at the top level by more than 20 decibels.

The black cube of Logan liked with a downright ludicrous authority and accuracy. Even at wildest sound escapades and frightening membrane movements its sound remained not locatable – the woofer as a separate sound source ultra clean, so as it should be. So much perfection is worth a big recommendation, a stereoplay highlight anyway.

Martin Logan Dynamo 700

Manufacturer Martin Logan
Price €800.00
Rating 56.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions 29.7 x 31.9 x 31.8 cm
Weight 12.0 kg
Principle of construction of housing closed
Phase variable Yes
Switchable phase
Space adaptation (text)
Measurement microphone
Remote control volume?
Remote Controls phase
Remote control crossover frequency
Entrance LS-terminals / XLR / RCA / /
Output LS-terminals / XLR / RCA
High-pass filter
Short conclusion Affordable high end Woofer\r\nmit ultra long stroke chassis und\r\ngeschlossem chassis sowie\r\nDrahtlos interface. Herrlich\r\nmachtvoller, nimble tone, für\r\nGeld, and size crackers.
Sound points
Max 75 points)
maximum 24 points)
Bass depth
maximum 24 points)
Bass level
maximum 24 points)
Measured values
maximum 10 points)
Max 15 points)
maximum 10 points)
Overall rating
maximum 120 points)
80 very good
Price / performance outstanding
tested in issue: 1 / 10