Stylish Sandals and Sneakers for Men

Sergio Rossi’s (clean) feet of the man in the “Oxford vintage Sandals” made of soft calf leather. Quite impressive for a bright Linen height.

Man feet in sandals: for many so-called style experts a no-go, as well as short men’s trousers. No matter how hot the temperature are, “real” men are “cool” enough to hold out the greatest heat. We are not quite as strict and present airy footwear for men – at least for the leisure – which must be also open.

Is essential for the ‘convertible ‘look – as well as at women – that the feet are maintained. A delicate tanned skin doesn’t hurt also. It is also important that the footwear made of fine leather and not nylon or plastic is made. Wide dark brown calf leather strap sandal by Sergio Rossi meets this condition and fit to a bright, long linen trousers – shorts would be definitely to charm”toddler”. “Forbidden” is still – even though many a designer looks different: socks in open shoes.

Sandals Light

The light-brown antique leather shoe by Sweet & Gabbana is a kind of “Sandals light version”. He is front and back closed, only on the sides provide discreet air intake slots. This “air-holes” are hardly noticeable when wearing long pants. Who is not can make friends with open footwear, running with moccasins – without socks worn – correctly.

Moccasins go Every Summer

This season “loafer specialists” such as Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo or death show particularly bright colors such as yellow, green or the so called electric blue. When Italian moccasins, a touch of Sweet Vita always blows with. Style model, especially when it comes to colorful footwear: Fiat heir Lapo Elkann. The Ferrari pedal is probably particularly well with moccasins with nub sole. More sporty are, of course – sneaker.

White Shoes with Colored Details

This year white models when designers are popular, with colorful and even neon-colored details. For example, the white Gucci shoe with light and dark green inserts, which resembles a mixture of gymnastics and Sailing shoe with his laces is “Casual-chic”. The lace-ups by Prada are also in white. The White leather shoes with the hole pattern as classical Budapestappear seen from above. However, you have a plateau soles from Bast, which makes the carrier around five centimeters bigger Prada model. Interesting for men who are not only cool enough for the summer heat, but if necessary, bear also skewed views – from the bottom – can.