Strategies to Take Care of Shape during Pregnancy

Learn What You Should Do To Keep Fit And What Options Are Most Appropriate For Your Lifestyle. Follow The Tips And Try To Stay Active In Pregnancy.

Practicing exercise brings benefits to the mother’s health and well-being. Therefore, the physiotherapist and instructor of children’s massage Maria João Alvito recommends pregnant women to adopt a healthy lifestyle, including a proper diet.

Whatever your lifestyle, you should adapt certain routines during pregnancy. According to, here are some precautions to take to take care of the physical form in security:

  1. If you do not exercise, you should start an activity.Perform physical exercise twice a week.Before starting the activity, ask for the advice and authorization of the family doctor or obstetrician.
  2. If you already go to the gym, ask to adapt your workout plan.If you already attend the gym, talk to the fitness instructor to adjust the exercises to the pregnancy.
  3. Do not stop your “sport”;Seek the help of a specialist. If, for example, you practice athletics or other outdoor activity, you should not stop because you are pregnant. Consult a person responsible to modify the workout and take pleasure and energy from your regular practice.
  4. If you are a pool enthusiast, enjoy the water.If the aquatic environment is synonymous with well-being for you, you can go to the free-swimming pool or enroll in an aquatic activity appropriate to your condition (water aerobics is a recommended option). Before starting the pool activity, tell your doctor. There may be risk factors at the level of the urinary system that should not run.
  5. Walking is a good option.Enjoy to relax. Use your free time to take a walk. If weather permits, do it outdoors. Even short regular trips can help increase your mobility and well-being.
  6. Follow your doctor’s instructions carefully.There are sometimes contraindications to exercise during pregnancy or reasons for the pregnant woman to stop exercising. Contact your doctor who will advise you when to start or resume physical activity.