Strapless Plus Size Bra and Lingerie

There goes the Paula give face and body to tapa…rs. I confess that I was afraid to post these pictures because I’ve never been so fat in my life and also because it’s not swimwear, is lingerie and some people might find this a big bold-I’d call it hypocrisy-but I decided to risk it for you. Before entering the business, here we go: have cellulite, stretch marks and lack of chest and hip. Don’t tell me that my chest is flat on lingerie X because it’s not: I have your back wide and little chest, so that already make it clear that I am not those tired of fat breast and butt, right? Now let’s get to it!

A lot of people write me asking where to find plus size strapless bra that is good and offer real support. Always indicate the Sizély lingerie because it’s the one I use and love, really. Parts of them embrace the people, has a modeling that really gets good marks and works out in the fat body. As I’m always talking about the brand, they sent me some parts to use, test and tell you. This model has the side well larguinha and comes with removable shoulder straps, so you can use several different ways, as I show below. I thought I was tight and I didn’t feel it was going to fall, no. He also has a silicone on the edges to help keep everything in place so that the BRA does not slip.

A very nice set, which is great for day to day because it’s comfortable, it’s income. He has more glamour and it is verrrrry hot from use. The underwear is high and dug right not to bother and he’s hot too. I love the line Bras plus have the sides wider and it helps not to let that fat side jumping. I, at least, don’t use the thinner because it not good on me accommodates. This one has the handle crafted in income, then you can use with tank tops and blouses of shoulders slumped that looks really cute.

Now this is sexy, fashion and I know you want too! It’s pretty hard to find models of strappy lingerie plus size. The Sizély was one of the few brands that made options and I’m in love with mine. This one has Leopard print and is worked on income too. The underwear is well dug and let the butt on display, but she is super comfortable. This set is very fashion and can use with races and parts that let the spaghetti straps on display to give that charm to production. Needless to say, he is an excellent option to instigate your love on a hot night, huh? RS.

These plus size lingerie are beautiful too, super quality and very comfortable. As I told you, I already use Sizély for years and has always been my favorite brand in this segment. They still don’t have online store, but if you are interested in buying, just enter the Facebook brand and ask where to find that they give the guidelines. I hope you enjoyed the tips and models I showed, but there are many others that you can see here: Our site.