Spy On Your Smartphone

Once again an espionage software ensures excitement
It is again so far, new espionage software on smartphones ensures excitement. The software is supposed to be used to collect data for quality control, but it is (probably) not only using legal means. What does that mean? The software collects, for example, data about the network cover, etc., and by the way (probably) also data from SMS and e-mails are transmitted, but they are not evaluated. Carrier IQ states that the software is installed on approximately 141 million devices (smartphones & tablets). To all who now think that only Android smartphones are concerned: wrongly thought. Apple also admits to have used the software, but it is no longer installed on the MOST devices. Whatever that means.
While all of them remain relatively quiet in Germany, the Senate is already dealing with the case in the USA and demands complete reconnaissance.

What happened
Discovered the software of the 25-year-old Android App developer Trevor Eckhart by chance.His analysis showed that the application collects and transmits a large amount of information and data to the mobile service provider, but the user is not previously informed or asked for permission, and the application can neither be deactivated nor removed. Eckart reported his findings on his blog, and Carrier IQ immediately responded with a warning. Only through the intervention of the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) did Carrier IQ opt for a more gentle approach, withdrew the warning and apologized for the inappropriate behavior, but wanted to make clear that no illegal data recording takes place and also no data in real time Providers.

Who is specifically affected? 
Provider and manufacturer keep themselves locked up until concrete cases can be proven.Cases of almost all common systems are known as: Android, Symbian, Blackberry, WebOS and iOS. In general, the majority of German smartphone users can breathe, however, most cases are known from the USA. However, the news magazine Golem could also prove the software on two German devices.
Users of devices with custom ROMs (eg Cyanogen Mod), are definitely clean, according to various statements . Since there is so far no way to remove Carrier IQ, such a custom ROM is also the only way to protect it.

Is the software installed on your smartphone or tablet? 
As mentioned in the Golem report, there is an app called “Voodoo Carrier IQ detector” for Android users in the market, which can be used to test whether your device is “infected”. In my test with a HTC Sensation (purchased without contract) and an Asus Transformer (also without contract bought), the software could not prove.

A possibility for iOS users to check their devices for the espionage software is not so far (presumably these, if available still await approval as well known as Android apps no permission to appear in the market, apps for the iOS Market, however, must be released And until that happens weeks can pass). Apple also makes no secret about the use of the software, according to stern.de , the company officially confirmed that the iPhone 4 still supports the controversial software. Only the iPhone 4S should not be affected by it. The crucial point with Apple, however, is that the user must activate the software only under the point “Diagnosis and use” itself and the whole thing is thus not secretly and thus the user has certain control over the happening.

Whether it is all about Panikmache or not, the next days will show. I wonder, however, why the software runs secretly, without permission, in the background if it is so so supposedly harmless data.

What about with you? Could you prove the software on your device? If so, which model, which provider?