Spring Summer Accessories Trends 2016

In the spring, calm. In the fall, it’s always the same.

Spring came to our colleagues in the northern hemisphere and, with it, fun and colorful accessories which promise to give an upgrade in looks for sunnier days approach. As we are not stupid, we note the tips to inform you of wearing them in spring, and then start to get more fresh with the arrival of autumn.

Look, the following is a list of featured accessories for the productions to be more neutral in the current station:

1 Embroidered Clutches

Embroidered prints, bright mirrors, contrasting trim, tassel detail – oh, my! Add a shock color for your minimalist pieces or play with the contrast of drawings for an exciting touch to your clothes.

2 Striking obi belt

This type of belt adds a “what” in any look: an element to change the overalls, a boho touch in summer dresses and suitable for any silhouette.

3 Leather belt with fringes

The “Wild West” is having a great time. Then enter the body with this fringed belt. The beauty of this piece is that it gives a country air and a kind of movement: a fluidity on your waist. Perfect for all the lazy girls time to get dressed.

4 Braided Belt

It is like that belt which Ariel uses when she win legs in the Little Mermaid. Imagine it wrapped in a patterned dress and a long skirt or passers indifferently tied it over a blouse. There are so many possibilities!

5 Clutch with mutton

When you choose accessories with texture, they offer a lot of personality to your look. In addition, the feeling of winter is created by a playful contrast with their fluttering and colorful pieces.

6 Mini embroidered clutch

Reminiscent of Hawaiian resorts of 1950s and the contents of the boxes of charity shops, this small handbag can either give an unexpected touch to look feminine and kitschy or add a dose of cuteness in a more masculine outfit.

7 Cross Bag with PomPoms

Repeat after us: texture! Don’t underestimate the bold touch that a bag with PomPoms can give you visually. It would be especially fun hanging above a boho dress, providing a country look or adding a saucy touch to an outfit.

8 Triple braided Necklace

You’ve got blouses or dresses with bald turtlenecks or cut low to the neck? Tie this necklace with rope and make it look like it has always been a part of the necklace.

9 Hood interlaced

For those days of spring, autumn does the same just with a fabric hood. This can work as easily as a layer on top of a dress or the collar of a coat.

10 Hair Lace size “G”

If you want to look as sweet as the taste of peach iced tea, then this is the accessory for you.

11 Scarf with tassels

Let’s be honest: many of our days in autumn will be a preview of the winter (or at least we hope it is). So during the cooler evenings, give a strong touch to your look with an accessory like this, scarf with tassels.

12 Knit hat

Whether you combine this hat with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a piece of sweater or choose to combine it with a vintage dress, knit hat is a welcome alternative to the usual hats hung in our closets.

13 Patterned Socks

It’s time to show your legs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with your socks. Combine them with a simple dress or do the street style and combine them with a pair of heels.

14 Temporary tattoos

If you don’t want to spend hours in a tattoo studio, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get involved with romantic images or old school. Just make a temporary tattoo which lasts for not short time, image like barista with mermaid hair in your favorite coffee shop.

15 Scarves

Whether you think they are reminiscent of the glamour of Grace Kelly, the chic-quiet of the Parisians or her mother (when she had wild curls in 70 years), the scarves are being welcomed back. To keep it interesting, try putting it next to a delicate necklace.

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