Spring-Summer 2011 Signature Campaign Loewe

For some time I have watched the fashion brands are making a great effort to make the most of your ideas and get back in these times of recession. We have checked with the extraordinary revival of Lacoste, increasingly more unstoppable, and I think that some Spanish, like Zara or sleeve firms increase their desire to innovate to move forward.

However, the firm Loewe It is the polar opposite. I don’t know if because it is not affected by the crisis or by poor management, but the truth is that it is nothing new for years. As an example this campaign dedicated to the Spring-summer 2011, in which we can distinguish relating them holding since 1846.

It is also true that it may be that its strategy to deal with these difficult times is to keep the style that positioned it in the place that now has and maintain a loyal clientele that achieve the benefits expected. However, wouldn’t it be more fun to see how the traditional Loewe out its most innovative side?

While that happens, we will have to settle for the ray of light that facilitators enjoy several months ago when the firm presented its men lookbook for this spring. Do you remember it?

Loewe man seemed to hit rejuvencerse and I wanted to believe it would be any signature technique in tough times: renew or die. However, the view is that Loewe remains committed to its traditional style even in the ways of illustrating their campaigns. What is your opinion?