Spike, a Protective Case for The IPhone with Physical Keyboard

Although some virtual keyboards work really well and allow fairly quickly to write without errors, it must be recognized that the best choice is a physical keyboard. Put this type of configuration on a smartphone always entails complications: sacrifice screen, adding thickness to make it slide on the HTC Desire Z or the Nokia N97… Sometimes worthwhile, others do not. As for who.

In the United States, a company dedicated to manufacture keyboards has decided to launch a creative solution through Kickstarter for add physical keys to the iPhone through a sleeve. Computergeese finds the three models detailed as below:

The idea consists of a protective case like any other, but with the difference of adding a physical keyboard in the position where it appears his virtual counterpart when we are writing text with the iPhone. Basically consists of putting it ahead and that when pressed these keys press the screen. No software or jailbreak, all hardware.

To solve the problem of covering part of the screen, since we only need the keyboard when we are going to write, he has a hinge which allows us to fold the screen and cover at the rear where it has a hollow enabled so that it does not protrude from the cover. Although this functionality is only available for one type of case not for both.

The solution is ingenious and at the moment the project needs financing to move forward and be able to produce it in chain. The goal is to get $75,000 (date of publication of this article already have managed to 16,600 dollars) before August 11. We can donate in different modalities as usual on Kickstarter. To us with the most basic cover, we will have to pay $35 (postage included).