Special Programs to Chat: Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger is another of the proposals of Messaging clone of the system of the BlackBerry so much fame earned on that platform. Serve as a story that initially was also available for download in the BlackBerry and be able to chat with them but finally RIM retired from its Market and even sent their lawyers to Kik. Currently it is only available for iOS and Android, where they have to compete with WhatsApp, PingChat.

Registration, first steps and configuration

To use Kik Messenger you need a user account, but it must not necessarily be associated with your mobile phone number. If you were already registered user, it shall not be necessary to validate the account by sending an SMS as for example happens with WhatsApp.

Anything entering the application for the first time recommends you share with them your contact book, so that they can verify that your calendar users are using Kik Messenger and so you can add them directly. Obvious that you can skip it this step if you do not trust the confidentiality of Kik Messenger.

In any case from the application you will also be able Add the users hand, and if you have accepted to send your agenda, request to tell you who is more using it. As a last resort you can also send requests your friends by three alternative methods: SMS, email and Twitter.

It is this flexibility this application/service, we can even change the registration email service, obviously validating the new then, but for example this same nor other customers of the same style let you.

At the level of configuration not allow great things, except change your name and email of record, choose a picture to represent you, and then change the options for how you want that notify you the application when a new message arrives or how notifies you so when you are in the background.

Contact management and use of the chat

I’ll start with something that I’ve seen in Kik Messenger and that is getting trendy in this type of applications: the blocking users. Yes, you can have someone in your list of contacts, but for the sake of it, you don’t want to receive your messages. This latest deployment will save you the headache. Also from the privacy menu will be able to launch your address book to Kik Messenger to update / find regular list of new records in the service.

In relation to chat, with Kik Messenger you can start a conversation with one of your contacts and then add someone else and create a group conversation. It is as easy as entering the conversation that you have started with one of your contacts and from there add to someone else.

A detail of which presumed Kik Messenger is its validation of messaging system. You can visually check the acknowledgement of receipt of each shipment, testing its 3 States: sent ‘S’, ” and ‘R’ responded, in this way we can always have real monitoring of the course of our messages.

We can also add the emoticons included with the application. Since ago can send images stored in our mobile phone or make photos at that moment and send it. Goodbye to the SMS and MMS.


The application is completely free, no deadline, without activation by SMS and no advertising attached. Initially he had much pull, because by then people used much PingChat, who had dates with important falls service. Kik Messenger came to the rescue and got a lot of users, some 2 million record.

The complicated recommend Kik Messenger unless you compare with WhatsApp, which is a service with more success and diffusion, which is fundamental in all messaging system. The main argument for recommending Kik Messenger is that, being a service free, It is recommended to have it as a wildcard, because both devices have days where the service is out of order, either for the reason be, and then you remember not having an alternative system of the same style and speed, but without having to return to the SMS.

Kik Messenger Version 5.0

  • Version of Android: from 1.5
  • Developer: Kik Interactive
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: free
  • Category: Communication and messaging

Kik Messenger is the completely free. It is an application of multi-platform messaging that connects you with your friends in real time. Use Kik to chat, share photos in private, plan activities with groups, and keep in touch with the people who matter most to you.