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The Magico M5 (110000 euros the pair) is so good that it redefines the standards – and addictive in a common way.

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While the framework data suggest once spectacular nothing at all. The M5 is a closed four-way construction of 1.34 meters and equipped with two 9-inch woofers. Nothing special so. Boggles but the weight: 165 kg. Hoppala, you do not see the American. But the combination of entkerntem plywood, plus inner metal frame, plus very massive (concave shaped) baffle that brings a lot on the scale shut.

More than in the earlier tested models of Magico V2 and V3, Magico-maker Alon Wolf here his credo of the “absolute determination” to. A M5 consists of more than 300 parts and wiggle or resonate allowed nothing more here. The sophisticated design and especially the finish contribute much to the stately sale 110000 euros. “Until you have to clean the surface, you’re crazy”, told Wolf unnerved during his recent visit of the editorial: “grinding, water, sand, water, grinding, water… until the paint finally gives a mirror-like surface. This is extremely expensive. “But there is no alternative for me.”

Or maybe? Wolf builds his latest creations Q5 completely made of aluminium and also the M5 are already elementary – foot inner bracing and baffle – the indestructible metal parts. For Wolf, but wood has acoustic benefits: “It sounds more natural.”

Saying that is the Assembly of the M5 at its finest: the low – and midrange driver are all equipped with ultra-stable NanoTec membranes; the material is commonly used for helicopter rotors. For quality reasons, Wolf manufactures the driver completely in-house. He buys only the tweeter: it is the great ring radiator from scan speak, who loose beyond the range limit and far beyond the 40 plays kilohertz border…

At all was able to convince the M5 in the measuring laboratory. The frequency response is linear hardly get distortions in the relevant central area, barely even measurable. If you wanted anything cavil then its very modest efficiency of mere 82.7 decibels. This pussyfooting arises from the fact that Wolf accepts only closed housing constructions of clean bass due. And some decibels usually have less efficiency compared to the usual bass reflex solutions. Yet the Magico at the maximum level measurements on stattliche108 came decibel – she can quite loudly, if suitably powerful amplifier hanging on it.

stereoplays new reference Monos Ayre MX-R (test: 3/10) more than 600 Watt make loose at the 4 ohm of the M5. But they were not necessary to show that this speaker neutral plays than any other box in the stereoplay listening room before. There’s nothing that overstates the Magico, nothing with which she immediately wants to – please why she maybe somewhat unspectacular sounds right off the bat. The spectacular comes at the exact hearing if it engages and suddenly finds that more information on the recordings are there much when one has heard before. Who knows well his records and don’t hear a M5, will understand what I mean: at once a timbral richness and splendour, an accuracy in tone and in the tiny nuances of dynamics, a sparkling lightness and ESS playback throughout the range, which is unique to my knowledge is there.

The guitar in Jack of Johnson’s “Breakdown” (in between dreams/universal) sounded no longer like a well recorded guitar on a good investment in the listening room. much more, I had the impression to have ear directly to the guitar body. stereoplays amplifier specialist Hannes m coined it the correct term: “The energy is right”, he said. With the M5 the energy is just right: also in the bass, which of course not nearly the authority of a focal Grande utopia EM (6/09) in the Sub-bass range or at live levels has. He is just in the right proportion: strong and tired, at the same time enormously diverse, clean.

With its ability to completely free (and thus never annoying) transparency, the large Magico is moving has the capabilities of upstream electronics as a glass considered in a new light. Small example from everyday test: the differences between the two before the – Yes certainly not bad – v3 very much like tiered phono stages, were with the M5 suddenly huge, because she works out much more clearly stresses and phrasing.

The price is of course beyond good and evil with 110000 euros. However, do I have any serious fan at heart, listen to these unique speakers. As a scale more or less. Than what is possible today.

Magico M5

Manufacturer Magico
Price €110000.00
Rating 69.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

General data
Width 45.0 cm
Height 134.0 cm
Depth 53.0 cm
Weight: 165.0 kg
Installation tip: free-standing, distance from 2.5 meters, normal damped rooms from 30 m 2
Measured values
Operating voltage for 90 dB SPL 4.7 V
Impedance minimum stp 2.9 ohms
Maximum volume upper value 108 dB
Maximum volume lower value (> 45 Hz) 108 dB
Lower cut-off frequency (-3dB) 38 Hz
Lower cut-off frequency (-6 dB) 30 Hz
Short conclusion The M5 is a dream – optically and haptically and tonally, the sounding box of V_v natürlichst currently. A unique sound transducer which requires powerful amplifiers and food sources, but in almost every respect standards.
Sound Absolute top class
Naturalness 15
Fine resolution 15
Border dynamics 11
Bass quality 13
Figure 15
Sound points (70 points) 69
Measured values 8
Practice 4
Valency 10
Overall rating (max. 120 points) outstanding 91
Price / performance highendig
tested in output 5 / 10