Spartans Summer Camp

The Spartan is, as its name suggests, a rudimentary shoe made of leather strips that hold a thin sole. We imagine it often at the feet of the Gladiators and other extras vestals in an episode of Xena the Warrior Princess (mythical series which I am ready to talk to you in MP).And if priori it wasn’t really the kind of pumps that could to tell (“look at the ties between my ears”), today she take their revenge! More likely than ever, the Spartan offers a comfortable place in the very select list of the must in the summer and offers including a few more or less sophisticated variations. Spartans summer 2008, version operating instructions.

The Basic: appeared in 2006 and democratized last summer, she already tired of fashion beasts but remains a safe bet for which is only to the page without excess. She has the big advantage to go with all or almost. Also, if there is only a model to offer, this is it. The more wealthy will go to K-Jacques (150 to €200 a pair…), others move towards models less expensive, found almost everywhere (Halles to shoes, Bata, neighborhood shops, etc). Try: rather than the very classic beige or Brown, we think the painted black, gold or money. It’s more trend, more stylish and it fits all too easily with the clothes! (photo Asos).

The studded: this is the marvel of the summer! More Warrior and rock’n roll basic cousin, the Spartan armor-jewelry version does in opposition to a romantico-bobo, simple, feminine, fragile look. We thus blurs the tracks rather than follow the nail to first degree combining a variety slim, perfecto and scarf skull, how annual beer and Harley. View dealers all major trends and not expensive (New Look, Asos, Mango, Topshop, Urban Outffiter). (photo Asos).

The rising: very noticed on the catwalks, these “summer boots” are not frankly there is easier to wear… It can nevertheless make a tobacco for special occasions such as birthday surprise Jean-Claude Jitrois in Saint-Tropez, a costume for the 30 years of Christiane of accounting or Aphrodite, the libertine club service that makes evenings cuddling & grapes at will-every Wednesday evening, I recommend. Playable in ultra-thin, high-heeled, soft or over worked version (snake, nails, fringes, Rhinestones, etc). (photo Jeffrey Campbell).

Has high heels: you find the rustic Spartan Gerber, you think that Cup the silhouette and it shortens the legs to the point where a special permit should be required to buy (but that made the fashion police?). Good news! The Spartans red carpet version exist and it is even the sexy-chic shoe of the season. Her preferred sophisticated (nice leather, high heels, Golden curls) and rich in games of strips. Attention, whether last trap the foot in an almost sadomasochistic dimension, they should all too him dicked: the subtle boundary between feet wink and a roast of veal is thin, but important. Distrust. (Nine West photo)

You and the Spartans, you think? Are you succumb? Do you own one of these models? And above all may you venture the Spartan rising?