Space Chanel No. 5 in Home Decor

A few days ago I went to visit the exhibition of Home Decor This year held in the Salamanca district of Madrid and I found a corner dedicated to such renowned fragrance of Chanel nº 5.

This space, designed by the firm of Carral and Associates, is conceived as a black box simple and elegant, inspired in the Place Vendôme in Paris. She outlines the history and magic of the mythical perfume with the latest technologies to enjoy a multi-sensory journey.

Tapered corners with a nod to the shape of the bottle of perfume, delimitations in white to emphasize its geometry and use of screens of plasma as a primary means of display. Very soft design in which special emphasis on elements that you really want to highlight.

The truth is that the space is great, they know very well reflect the spirit and style of the firm and could not be less than expected CHANEL, but I have missed something missing.

Why not have put a little bit of this iconic environmental aroma perfume?
In a very subtle way, it would have been much more interesting and impressive for visitors…

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