Sony Xperia Z, The new Sony High-end Smartphone

Each year, smartphones manufacturers struggling to introduce new features. The competition also is increasingly harder making it difficult to surprise with new ideas. However, each year they overcome and bring us phones impressions.

This is the case of Sony. After giving a return thread to the brand, this year on the high end with an outstanding terminal in all its facets. We are talking about the Sony Xperia Z and today in technology you to you we it told you all about it.

The design and the resistance team up

One of the facts of the world of smartphones is that most smart models are usually the most delicate. Sony has shown this year that we can have a smart phone but at the same time resistant to all kinds of blows and circumstances.

Ahead and behind, have a tempered glass which makes it difficult to notice at first glance what is the front part and the back of the phone. Black elegance does not go unnoticed, and in addition to aesthetic it’s really fine since it has a thickness of only 7, 9 mm and 146 grams of weight.

To this must be added to its resistance. The phone holds falls of about one meter. If this occurs, the glass will not crack or the edges of the terminal is not arañarán. Hard as a rock and it is also resistant to the water and sand.

Thanks to IPX specifications, we can mess with the Xperia Z in the shower or watch video under water in the pool. To be resistant to sand, we can go with him to the beach with no problems. For a time this has been something the mid-range, with little aesthetic designs in plastic, but this year is for the most demanding.

Processor quad-core, speed and power

Last year, there were those who missed having a smartphone Sony with four core processor. In 2013, this technology comes to the Sony Xperia Z: one of the fastest processors from the moment that will ensure us move Android with great fluency.

Along with the four nuclei, we have 2GB of RAM that rounded off an outstanding specifications. Connectivity is not short and as well as WiFi and BlueTooth, NFC we have to share files and HDMI compatibility if you are using a cable or adapter, MHL.

In the operating system we have the latest version of Android: Jelly Bean. Sony has customized operating system and added some notes of color that translates into unique applicationssuch as photo gallery, or apps to view multimedia content on the TV.

Five-inch high-definition

This year all it points to will be the trend in high-end have five-inchsmartphones. A fad that has popularized the Samsung Galaxy Note II among others. In the case of the Xperia Z, we have five inches in size using the new Bravia technology.

This screen we guarantee that we will see all the colors of accurately and without distortion of any kind. In addition, features Full HD resolution so you can see everything with great sharpness and also play videos in that capacity without any problem with your processor.

Exmor RS, one of the best trail cameras on the market

Sony always has been characterized for being one of the manufacturers of reference in regards to the cameras for mobile phones. It is no coincidence that smartphones like the iPhone 4 or the Samsung Galaxy SIII carried this component manufactured by Sony.

This year launched a new type of sensor with the name Exmor RS. The difference in comparison with the previous year Xperia resides in the quality in low light conditions, the possibility of firing burst and video on HDR real-time recording.

All this in 13 megapixel camera on the back. Today, the best camera that can be found on a smartphone. The best way to get out then is to use apps like Snapseed that will help us make professional touch-ups just by using your fingers.

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