Sony Xperia Z, Everything about Their Display FullHD

It is without doubt the most talked about smartphone in every part, and is because the Sony Xperia Z has become, for the moment, the reference of the Android platform. We’ve already tried it and we know when to reach Spain, but as we had not known first-hand your specification star, here we bring you details and comparisons of his outstanding display FullHD.

We already know that the new top of range of Sony to be mounted a 5 inch screen Reality Display, with 1920 x 1080 resolution pixels and engine BRAVIA Engine 2. The technology is again TFT, and the matrix is full RGB.

Comparing the cold numbers, there is no terminal, which at the moment has been submitted to Europe with this resolution, which is the screen to the 441ppp of pixel density, 326 that looks the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy SIII 306ppp. Sharpness improvement can be seen perfectly.

Those who have tested a latest generation Sony know that their devices screens have exceptional quality, with a faithful and natural colors, vivid, in addition to a few perfect targets. However, this is at the expense of contrast and viewing angle that make up the weaknesses of the screen Reality Display.

Unfortunately, the Sony Xperia Z not displaying any improvement in this respect, and to sample a button, you can check on the comparative images as angles of vision lost greatly over the competition, especially with SuperAMOLED.

If we pay attention to a situation in which we can fully appreciate the differences, she is showing white, we see in the header image as SuperAMOLED suffers showing this color, because the feeling is a pale bluish, which although also can be seen in the terminal of LG and Xperia z, in these is an effect much smaller. In this respect, clearly the HTC SuperLCD carry large lead.

In conclusion, “washed screens” effect seems to persist in the Xperia Z, Despite maintaining its charm intact and soon be to condemn the display, perhaps many do you consider buying the first time to read reviews of the terminal in its final version of marketing.

Perhaps to mitigate the negative effects of panel technology, Sony will have a screen calibration software, that will allow users to configure the ideal compromise which maintains the specifications of the display to your liking in all lighting conditions.

It is clear that we will have to wait to see the device in its final version and the software to be able to assess, since surely we will see improve with proper balances that are surely not in the prototype, but it is clear that screen, impressive in specifications, It maintains the benefits and cons that we saw in the Xperia S and other signature devices.

Attached as not, the video demo of Sony where they explain the operation of the BRAVIA Engine 2, the graphics processor that will encourage the Sony Xperia Z colors.

What is your experience with Reality Display of Sony Mobile screens?