Sony Xperia Z, All The Details of Its Launch in Spain

Sony Xperia Z is the beginning of the year, and although it is true that others have not put all his cards on the table, it is certain that the new standard-bearer for Sony becomes the reference Android on its own merits.

The Xperia Z is a round smartphone, which few drawbacks can be, and is that a high-end hardware are attached to a spectacular design in which each of the aspects been taken care. In our touchdown the first impression has been very good, and only remains to reach stores to test it more thoroughly and completely appreciate it.

It is here where didn’t have all the information, although people of Sony Mobile España has finally decided to let us at last details of the release its new smartphone in our country.

The Xperia Z will arrive very soon, but it will only

In the first place, and at least in principle, the only device that will be sold officially in Spain will be the Xperia Z, so those who are waiting for the Xperia ZL, will have to change sides or try to get it by other means.

Second is the issue of color, and it seems that not all colors may be available in all markets. It is certain that in Spain we will see the Z Xperia in black and white, but not sure that both colors are available at launch.

This launch will be the day February 25, limited in the exclusive Sony channels, Obviously with the free terminal, and we already know that the firm has with shop online and stores in Barcelona and Madrid, so we should not wait it out of these stores.

Even so, and deducing the date that coincides with the start of the Mobile World Congress 2013, would not surprise us a launch exclusively at the fair, with sales limited at the Sony Store in Barcelona, as was done last year with the Xperia S.

Price has been said nothing, Although being a limited edition of terminals and seeing the prices that will be handled in markets such as the Italian, it is not difficult to get the idea that exceed the 600 euros.

Updates will be faster

In addition, Sony indicates that your terminal will be released Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, although he expected that the update to Android 4.2 will be very fast, few weeks after the launch, thanks to the new Sony on Android customization is very little intrusive and facilitates updates.

It is something that all demanded, and is that There is little need to customize Android If it is not to include software that value added as the premium suite of Samsung. Sony has done, and your customizations are limited this time aesthetics and valuable options such as the “small apps” and the STAMINA mode.

Even so, this battle also appears to have won the Japanese manufacturer, and is that Samsung has confirmed that until the second quarter there will be 4.2 Android to their current heavy weights.

Now that already we know it all, so only have to wait 5 weeks that you are until you see the Sony Xperia Z among us. You how many are you already eating you fingernails?