Sony Will Distribute Games for Android

After the announcement by Sony de el PlayStation Phone many feared that the contents distributed by the Japanese company would stop exclusively to your terminal. In the end, we will all have Sony and Playstation Games on our Android devices.

This afternoon in Japan (seven in the morning in Spain) Kaz Hirai has presented at an event for the press very juicy news. It is true that the NPM has been the center of attention but for Android fans the big news has been the presentation of PlayStation Suite.

PlayStation Suite is an initiative from Sony to bring its contents beyond the borders of your own hardware to other mobile devices such as mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. In short, a neutral cross-platform development environment.

The chosen to carry out this project was Android operating system users can enjoy a extensive catalogue of games. From classics of the first PlayStation to new titles which will be distributed in the future through a compatible Android PlayStation Store.

To ensure quality control and that all Android users enjoy equally the contents of Sony PlayStation Suite it will perform a program so that hardware manufacturers can obtain a seal of quality which ensure that the games will function properly.

Once Sony releases its titles for Android the only requirement will be to have installed Android Gingerbread 2.3 in our terminal to play.