Sony PRS-650 Practice Test

The Sony PRS-650 is the revised edition of touch its E-book reader. In our practice test, he knows to please with its handy design and a 1a screen.

The second version of its reader touch Edition Sony has learned. As of its predecessor’s biggest weakness is the successor’s greatest strength: the touch screen. While at the PRS-600 because of the weak contrast and the reflecting surface, it was hardly possible to pleasant reading, the PRS-650 in just this discipline shines.

The improved E-Ink display draws a sharp contrast, making the fonts on the newsprint-like background appear sharp and not blurry. The gesture recognition has improved: the readers respond promptly to input and shines with a fixed switching time of less than one second.

The user interface is adapted to the touch control and decorated with large-sized buttons for the appropriate menu entries. Below the 6-inch display, the five Hardkeys as additional controls have been preserved, also used particularly in read mode. What remains is the pull-out from the housing pen, also with the the touch screen as an alternative to touch be operated can.

It is particularly well suited to the stylus to mark sections of text or enter ink notes. Thanks to revised zoom options can be considered also the PDF files rather inflexible designed the layout in an everyday view without scroll messy. The reading options with full text search, adjustable font sizes and a brightness adjustment are exemplary.

What is still missing, is the ability to transfer E-books wirelessly to the reader. The reading materials must be loaded either via the detour USB cable and PC or from an external memory card to the reader. The advantage is that so many different sources in the E-book shopping can be used. Spontaneous shopping with the Sony Reader feed is not possible.