Sony Ericsson Xperia X 8

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X 8, an Android Smartphone in mobile format that brings Facebook and Twitter on the home screen.

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Smartphone Yes, but please not too big? Who is looking for a device with a touch screen, in the enjoyment of a full app stores will come and have on the way social networks at a glance, but has still not keen on a big scrappy in the Pocket, which is right at Sony Ericsson. The unspoken motto of the manufacturer seems to be, with exceptions like the X the rule confirm 10 “Smart but small”. For the taste of many, Sony Ericsson is likely be overshot with his X 10 models over the target.

But to the Minis with 2.5 inch touch screen, there is now an alternative: the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 8 features a 3-inch touch screen, also considerably higher resolves with 320 x 480 pixels. In the test box, it is well in the cut. An iPhone 4 offers the double resolution though, costs but also three times as much. The Sony Ericsson Xperia X 8 price recommendation of 219 euros, for example, is a bargain, especially as one finds it in free trade for less than 200 euros.

Simple camera, much plastic

This is the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 8 cheaper than the X 10 Minis. You notice that for example on the camera: it lacks an autofocus as well as its own source of light for dimly lit conditions. Settings, there are only alternative sports, snow and night to the automatic recording mode. So, the 3-megapixel camera in the test provides simple snapshots, which very neatly fall out in broad daylight. It records videos in VGA resolution with 28 pictures per second. Overall, the camera is quite usable and quite fast due to lack of autofocus. Yet: Who places an emphasis on photography, should look to for an another Smartphone.

Also haptically is the cheap price is noticeable: the case of the Sony Ericsson X 8 is well processed, but noticeably made of plastic. The battery cover, which takes up the entire back, sits firm and sure, responding to strong pressure but with slight creaking. Also the display cover plastic is a little under severe pressure. Cheap, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 8 does anyway, and who more or less carefully treat the Smartphone, can live with these minor flaws.

Outweighs the plus side

These are then but even the single compromise due to the price. In terms of facilities the X is fully at the height of 8: it offers fast Internet access both via HSPA and WLAN, a GPS receiver acquires the location, to navigation which are software Wiseman pilot as a demo version and installed Google maps. So you can now free to navigate; only a free software for the speech had to be installed in the test.

She finds herself in addition to tens of thousands of other application in the Android market. The offer is greater than for the more expensive X 10 minis, that some software can not run due to their low display resolution for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 8.

Like the X 10 mini models, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 8 worked the 1.6. Sony Ericsson with Android but promises an update to 2.1 until the end of 2010. The lack of MS Exchange support is compensated by the installed program of RoadSync. There are the function Timescape, which do not offer Android models from other manufacturers: news from Facebook or Twitter land directly on the home screen.

Also the menu we know the X 10 mini models: four important functions can show up in the display corners, the menu is distributed on rider and Android as a whole makes sense adapted to the smaller display. Operation worked the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 8 in the test well, responds quickly to input. Only the typing of text on the virtual keyboard requires much concentration.

Average lab

The endurance of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 8 proved in the laboratory than average: the talk time in the UMTS network is just under three hours relatively short me, in continuous active use with the display arms stretches the battery after about 4:45 hours. In everyday life, the power storage holds through depending on the intensity of use between one and three days. Also sound and reception are not necessarily glossy, but not bad either. So who is looking for a cheap Android Smartphone, which it will hurt hardly, that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 8 provides only average food.

Data sheet

Operating system
Processor / clock speed (MHz)
internal memory (MB)
Memory card slot
QWERTY keyboard / touchscreen / multitouch
Battery type / variable
Headset / data cable
Size of memory card
Charging cable for the car / holder for your car
GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
Wi-FI standard
… Headset / Handsfree / A2DP
… Object push / OBEX / AVRCP
… SIM access, phone book / HID
USB type / storage / charging
Type / size (inch)
Resolution (PX)
Number of colors
Call list / language selection
Situation profiles / airplane mode / vibrating alert
Handsfree / mute
Email / POP3 / IMAP / HTML
Contact management
Phone numbers / E-Mail addresses (number per contact)
Image / notes field / date of birth
Appointment management
Day / week / month view
weekly / annual events
Alarm clock when device is off
Sync: Outlook / Mac
Notes: Outlook-sync
Look at Word / edit
Consider Excel / edit
PDF Viewer / calculator / voice memo
Web / frame / Java / Java scripting
Flash / https / home / Favorites
Audio format: MP3 / WMA / M4A / AAC
Video player / full screen display
Video format: 3GP / MP4 / WMV
Integrated camera
Resolution (megapixel)
Receiver GPS / A-GPS
Navi-software / onboard / offboard
Navi / route planner
Dimensions in mm
Weight (grams)
Endurance D power (hours)
Endurance interview E-Netz (hours)
Endurance conversation UMTS (hours)
type. Endurance (hours)
standard radiation factor / SAR value (manufacturer)


Endurance talk (35)
Persistence display mode (65)
System (15)
Scope of delivery (10)
Display (40)
Connectivity (15)
Phone features (10)
Messaging (15)
PIM (15)
Office (5)
Web browser (15)
Camera (15)
Music and video (10)
Navigation (5)
Ease of handling
User interface
Processing quality
Transmission and reception quality GSM (30)
Transmission and reception quality UMTS (30)
Acoustic measurements send (15)
Acoustic measurements receiving (15)
tested in issue: 12/10