Solar Backpack Reviews

Some time ago, Daniel Dombrowski of has made me a backpack with solar panels to test available. The solar backpack consists of four parts: integrated bag, solar cells directly into the backpack , battery box, and adapter set.

The backpack

In pauldigo, I was already pointed out, that it is not model in the backpack to a high-quality, but rather an inexpensive alternative to other manufacturers. Unfortunately, this also confirmed in practice. The seams are not very clean and the zippers are no.-name parts. The padding on the back and the shoulder straps has been quite sparse, only none exists at the waist belt.

The distribution of the backpack succeeded, however, quite well with several pockets on the inside. A specialist serves as a mount for the battery connector with the solar panel is connected via a mini USB.

The battery

The compact battery box (83 x 35 x 22 cm 70 g) is equipped with a 2200 mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery, and comes with many different adapters. Unfortunately, but missing a suitable connector for Apple devices such as iPod or iPhone. Here’s nothing else than the original the battery box to connect USB charge cable from Apple. To do this, the battery has a standard USB connection. The capacity of the power box is sufficient to load my iPhone 2 x completely, but you should keep in mind that the battery of the iPhone may be not fully discharged (the phone so don’t automatically turns off) because otherwise the power of the box is not sufficient to be able to download the iPhone. But rather, this is an iPhone-specific issue as a problem with the battery box.

What’s definitely missing is a display of the charging status of the power box. It has only about two simple indicators, one for the charging of the battery and one that lights up when the box is turned on.

The solar charger

The two solar panels are sewn with the backpack and can be removed without another. They are water resistant and weigh 240 grams together. After some Testing , the solar fields in favourable weather conditions seem quite well to charge the battery. Due to lack of display of the charging status of the power box, it’s to make me not possible details the performance of the solar charger. According to homepage the battery will be within fully charged hours by 5-6 (over the supplied Plug it takes just 3-3.5 hours), which would be very fast.


The battery has convinced me in connection with the solar fields. The performance is quite acceptable. At the power box, I however lack an exact display informing me about the charging level of the battery.
The backpack is not designed definitely for demanding tasks in the outdoor area, this processing is simply not sufficiently well down. I see if you go for shopping, the range of use in everyday life or as a school bag for students who have a high need for energy for iPod, mobile phone, PSP, etc..