Snakebyte UNU Gaming Edition Tablet

Raccimolate between 199 and $249, and Snakebyte may in time change dates give you Unu—a tablet, a Bluetooth gamepad, a TV dock, and a remote control also works with gesture. This, at least theoretically, because unfortunately it is not a device made and finished but only a prototype on display at CES in Las Vegas, most importantly not working.

It is an all-in-one solution which can withdraw the games directly from Google Play, although Snakebyte will offer their own store instead. You can also map the touch controls on the buttons and the analog sticks of the controller included, through a dedicated app, so you can play them in any capacity without problems (this thing we saw promise several times and by many, but not always the practice proved to be valid as the theory, then we reserve a bit of healthy skepticism).

The specifics of Unu are not definitive, but the tablet should use a quad-core chip to a Chinese manufacturer, probably Rockchip. As for the gamepad (also not working) seems to be built with rigour, although at the moment it is a bit too wide: no problem anyway because Snakebyte ensures that the final version will be the 10% smaller.

Jens Lawrenz, product developer of Unu, wastes no opportunity to also praise the rival Project Shield of nVidia, stating at the same time it will be too expensive and that the fact that he is not a real tablet (as Unu) is detrimental and will not attract most of the clientele. UNU, in contrast, will be a little more: tablets, game consoles, and smart TVs.

In spite, however, of his was still embryonic at CES, UNU will be ready for prime time by the summer in Europe with Android 4.1 (the pictures at the end of article still have Gingebread), so the challenge to Project Shield won’t be so much remote as it appears today. Needless to say, however, that we will definitely come back when Snakebyte will have something more concrete to show us; for now concentrate a large image gallery