Smartphone: Samsung Wave II

Samsung wave II sends another Bada-top model in the race. The Smartphone boasts the practical test with a sharp display and a practical text input.

  1. Smartphone: Samsung wave II
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  3. Facilities

II by Samsung wave Bada Smartphone comes in edlen metal housing and come for €429 in the trade.

At the moment, there is little difference to the visually very similar Wave S8500 is to recognize. Only when you place both Bada models side by side, the differences are clearly visible, because the wave II Central has larger dimensions, smaller call buttons and a convenient handle shaped menu button below the display.

Speaking of display: here the reason for the increased dimensions can be quickly recognized, because the touch screen is clear of Formerly 3.3 inch lush 3.7 inch now grown. When viewing, Samsung is not only size, but also on a new technology. So comes the Super clear LC-display for use in the wave II for the first time.

This capacitive, so does touch-sensitive touch screen with 480 x 800 pixels high on. The benefits of Super clear LCD technology should be in a larger viewing angle and a higher luminosity. In the pre-production model the incredibly sharp and brilliant appearance towered over everything else, even the slight yellow tint but. This small shortcoming might be however eliminated up to series production.

Operation little has changed as already in the appearance however, although on the wave II already Bada-version 1.2 does its duty.

This is not so tragic, because already its predecessors behaved when it comes to handling absolutely exemplary. The UI TouchWiz 3.0 with their zahlreilichkeiten chen individualization options has a big share of it.

A delay-free operation and multi-tasking, however, ensures that the 1-GHz processor. He already showed up at the preliminary series device from a particularly stable side and no hangs or crashes were in this practice test to complain.

Highlight the wave II brings a practical accessibility for messages under the name of T9 trace. This is strongly reminiscent of Swype, which is Samsung’s new Galaxy models used. Even with T9 trace it is enough to pull the finger from one letter to the next, a clever text detection takes care of the rest.

The application of social hub brings together all accounts of the user, such as E-Mail and social networks in one place.

The facilities of the wave II is about on a level with the wave S8500.

So dominates the UMTS HSDPA, EDGE, and Wi-FI model fast n standard. However missing after as before the rapid upload via HSUPA.

The integrated GPS receiver supports A-GPS and can be used for navigation or even geotagging. The wave II with a 5-megapixel camera captures images, autofocus, photo light, and numerous options for comfort. The Bada model with a resolution of up to 1280 x 720 pixels (720 p) record videos.

Also the wave brings equal II image processing options for photos and a film editor for videos.

The music player also leaves a strong impression. He is also a nice Coverflowanzeige. The range of the wave can be easily increased II about the store Samsung apps. A total of almost 2 GB of internal memory at your disposal are, there is also a slot for microSD cards. So now, the pre-production model of the wave II makes you want on the series Variant.