Smartphone: Samsung Omnia 7

Samsung is one of the first manufacturers of Windows phone 7 smartphones and presents a remarkable piece of hardware.

  1. Smartphone: Samsung Omnia 7
  2. Processing and equipment
  3. Camera and software
  4. User interface and operation

One of the first hardware manufacturers, which has adopted the Operating system Windows phone 7 launched with high expectations, is the Korean Samsung Electronics specialist.

Come out the Omnia 7 is a Smartphone, top quality. Already the first encounter with the Omnia 7 whets the appetite for more. UMTS model comes in an elegant metal case and signals along with the lush weight of 138 grams high quality.

Formally, the model knows how to convince. Whereas the front square’s Omnia 7, the back with rounded sides proving very hand fawning. Processing of the Omnia 7 already enough of T-Mobile variant with additional software features, highest at the now tested pre-production model.

Its processing is simply perfect. Creaking the Omnia 7 is also a foreign Word as shaky buttons on the sides of the unit. But not only with the housing comes Samsung with the Omnia 7 in the full, also on the subject of display, the best is just good enough.

So the known from the Samsung Galaxy S 4-inch OLED-display of the latest generation is used. The capacitive touchscreen dominates multitouch and sets new standards in terms of contrast and black level. Reds are very strongly represented.

This is imagery that is matched on standard LCD pale, almost in the orange red tones, although overstates something. But that little bothers in everyday life. With over 300 cd / m ², the display also has a particularly high brightness for an OLED display.

The resolution is 480 x 800 pixels, and in the practical range, to keep scrolling on large Web pages in check. Also on the subject of equipment, Samsung is reflected in party mood. So, the Omnia dominated in fast n-standard 7 HSPA, EDGE, and Wi-FI.

The Korean Windows phone supports quad band operation in GSM mode. In UMTS, it is with the three bands of 900 to use 1900 and 2100 MHz in Europe, parts of Asia, and even in North America.

The rich data radio equipment joins a GPS receiver for geotagging, location and navigation options. The built-in speakers of the Omnia 7 there may be slightly louder for permanent use as a navigation system.

The camera is 5 mega pixel expected first no records resolution and a LED flash. In practical use it comes but with dark conditions close to the 8-megapixel model equipped with xenon flash of HTC 7 Mozart up.

The Samsung camera has even a tad bit sharper something whose color reproduction. In broad daylight, the difference is still marginal. The waiver of a memory card slot in lush 16 gigabytes of main memory is quite standard provided by Windows phone 7.

The synchronization of music and videos takes Zune, the Xbox Live access provides for 3-D games. The software package of the Omnia 7 Windows phone 7’s bundled enriched T-Mobile in its version with own allowances.

So, Media Center and the navigation software by NAVIGON can be found in the main menu of the entries for a special. The offer always still not enough who who looks around just in the Windows Marketplace for other programs. The corresponding entry is prominently placed in the main menu.

The user interface of Windows phone 7 was specially adapted to the needs of touchscreen smartphones. That sees the user immediately, because the fields are very large and the operating concept is revealed already after a short adjustment period.

Also, now the annoying wait times when calling programs are almost entirely passe. Because, arguably the 1 GHz should have fleet processor, Samsung has bought the Omnia 7, its share.

This is befitting supplied by an above-average 1500 mAh battery. The Windows key is placed centrally under the display is mechanically with the Omnia 7. Back and search button only respond to touch, but report back the activity as a gentle vibration.

Overall, the Omnia 7 leaves a very good impression.