Smartphone: Nokia N8

The first model with the new Symbian version 3 is in the starting blocks. Connect has gained a first impression of the new surface.

The Multimedia smartphone N8 to be Nokia’s long-missing touch screen model that can compete with the current competition from Apple and Android. What it is lacking so far: the Symbian developed over many years is still not fully adapted to pure touchscreen models.

The version 3, which for the first time is on the Nokia N8, represents a major step forward in this direction. With a pre-production model showed up at the first contact: the biggest problems have been removed. The menu responds everywhere on a simple click, so far is in some places a double clicking necessary. The Nokia N8 also converts input afloat, even when costly animation such as scrolling transcoder in the music player. The long option menus – a legacy from the times when the Smartphones by buttons were served–are largely disappeared without having the functionality of the platform has been restricted.

Much of the previous S60 upper surface visually reminds this e, the icons are largely the same and who does S60 know quickly should cope with the Nokia N8. Who expected however revolutionary new, might be slightly disappointed. Nokia indicates that the conversion to consider is rather as evolution, which continues with the already working on Symbian version 4.

Lush is the facilities: the camera has a Xenon flash, record videos in HD resolution and a HDMI cable included for viewing the material on the TV. Wi-Fi, GPS including Free nivi and multi touch control finish the job, to mention only the highlights. The N8 on the market is to come in the third quarter. The image gallery a first impression of the new user interface.