Smart Watches, a New Trend

Smart Watches carry time with us, but in recent months they have been especially fashion After the excitement generated by the Pebble project and rumors that have appeared in some of the big manufacturers that apparently they want to enter this market.

Sony, Apple or Samsung they are at present which seem to bet heavily on this segment, but We must not rule out other developers who already have products in this regard and that they seem to put more fashionable the concept of smart watches, increasingly more connected with our mobile devices.

Those who are…

The project Pebble It was created from a crowdfunding campaign on KickStarter, and its success was such that it has become an example clear that these markets, which until now it was very difficult to enter for small projects, are now accessible thanks if the idea and execution are good.

Watches with Pebble e-ink screen have their limitations, but they have demonstrated that the concept can work, and they aren’t the only ones, although in many cases screens forget the e-ink to offer more technologies of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Sony and their SmartWatch (from 129 euros) are proof of that. These models, which are already more than one year available have just renewed with the fever of the smart watches, and their developers highlight their catalog of available applications – more than 200 – and their special relationship with the Xperia range mobile.

Another interesting project in this sense is I’m Watch (from 349 euros), which has been created by two Italian entrepreneurs and which also focuses on the pillars of other projects: catalog of custom applications, and connection to the mobile device (Android and iOS).

Another unexpected protagonist is the iPod nano 6th generation (the current not served), which for a time appeared accessories (24,95 euro) make it a smart watch more with everything to offer the version of iOS of these small devices. It is not the perfect solution according to some analysts by topic as its battery, but since then show the versatility of these in small format Apple music players.

Less known are the MOTOACTV (from 249,99 dollars) of Motorola Mobility, similar in cycling and performance I’m Watch devices, or the Metawatch (from $179), with monochrome LCD display of 96 x 96 pixels and less options also more limited in the section offer a catalogue of applications and Visual.

… and that could be

These existing models there are some projects of interest that seem to point to hypothetical smart watches, of which include two belonging to the manufacturers of mobile more highlights of the moment.

The first of these is the Apple iWatch, Smart clock of the Cupertino company that already would have working on it to 100 people and that could go beyond the smart watch to merge with music player, somewhat along the lines of the above iPod nano sixth generation that polishing some details could undertake this task.

The second is the Samsung Galaxy Altius, the project of a ubiquitous Samsung who would also like to enter this market and make it a model that some screenshots of their theoretical UI have already leaked.

Join these two models other innovative projects of Kickstarter as LinkMe, CooKoo o Central Standard Time (these last two have already achieved the sought after investment) and especially the efforts of some Chinese manufacturers as Shanda, a giant of digital publications of that country which, apparently, has prepared the call Bambook Smart Watch prepared for launch in June with Android and Firefox as essential components. And probably is not the only manufacturer of the Asian giant that is released to the market.


Smart watches are fashionable, and remains to be seen if this trend becomes something fleeting or into a new segment of market that could no doubt be very useful in different scenarios. Both releases already carried out and those that appear are coming they will have their opportunity in the coming months, that likely will decide the actual future of these small devices, perfect companions of our smartphones.