Smart Watch For Days of Pedaling

Going to walk up the Hill or the road is and should be a positive and fun experience. Therefore, we are presenting the new technology of the Smart Watch Samsung Gear S3, and some tips that you should keep in mind when you’re on two wheels.

Many riders already know from experience what they need in each of their cycling routes and surely carry more than you need. Others, on the other hand, either for convenience or because they simply made few kilometers routes, rely on the generosity of the destination and leave without more equipment than the bicycle, helmet, and clothing carrying implementation.

In a way or another, but especially for the more novice cyclists, in all and each one of the exits that we perform with our bike always we must equip ourselves with certain accessories, that will guarantee us the solution to different problems. As it is the case of the new watch Gear S3 of Samsung, which has come to revolutionize the lovers of two wheels.

First, because it has IP68 certification, it is resistant to dust and immersion in fresh water for 30 minutes and up to 1.5 meters deep. Perfect for our evenings of adventure on the Hill; It has a 1.3 inch screen with 16 Mpx, so it makes us much easier to visualize the clock above the bicycle.

Also, features technology of resistance Gorilla Glass which protects it from falls and bumps and various sensors for activity in outdoors, such as GPS, altimeter, speedometer, barometer and others, and can measure atmospheric pressure, climate and distance traveled. It also has military-grade technology, coming to support environments with high humidity and extreme temperatures.

The S3 Gear has GPS and built-in Speaker, to stay the course without having to take off the phone to talk and listen to music that we have stored, this may be connected via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. In addition, with its rotating bezel you can control all its functions, such as making calls, the volume, read messages and move through the applications easily.

And as we know that it is difficult to receive calls while we are walking, a new inclusions to this new model, is the speaker. It can be used both to listen calls handsfree, or music that we have stored. This smart watch can be connected via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

In addition, has a battery with autonomy within three to four days and an SOS function to alert family and friends if an accident occurs (380 mAh and Wireless charging by induction). You will keep us connected and connected at any time and in any circumstance on the tracks.
With this new technology you it will be much easier to go out bicycling for your favorite places, but don’t forget to bring the necessary basic equipment for each output. For example, you always need to have a multitool, essential to solve all the problems of screws, nuts, and loose parts mounted on the bike. Spare camera is never more, punctures are unpredictable and they arrive unannounced, whether after long months of bonanza or consecutively departure after departure.

A bomb of inflator, always you will get out of troubles. And finally, don’t forget the water, isotonic drinks and food. This never miss, since they are essential to keep us with energy. With these tips, and new technology in the Samsung S3 Gear, now you just have to get on your bike and enjoy the sunny days.