Shorts Sets Summer

One of the most obvious parts of summer is short. It is no secret that the piece is a favorite of women this season, after all, is comfortable, fresh and still leaves the legs out. Stripped they are ideal for walks, travel and also for the day to day.

The big problem of the popularity of the shorts is that often it is difficult to compose an original look with him. The jeans are by far the Favorites, therefore, are that more appear on the streets. How to make him something different?

The tip is encrementar the your shorts jeans. Different colors, turn-ups, frayed… those are some options. Check out the image above the bars bent and the lilac model of the left corner. This makes the look more unique according to A2ZYELLOWPAGES.ORG.

Another tip is to bet on different materials. Pieces in leather, fabric and tailoring models, colored, stamped, and even brightness can create amazing visuals, with the face of the summer. In addition to modern they are even more elegant.

The accessories like belt give more beauty to the short and appreciate what he has to offer. They are indicated for the simplest shorts since they give a special touch. Very encrementados models may seem exaggerated.

The patterned shorts are a case. Hits of the season they bring with them all the beauty of spring and the joy of summer. Remember that they must be accompanied by plain blouses and without many details not to load the visual.

Finally we have the shorts of parties. With sparkles and sequins they are indicated for the ballad, a new year’s Eve party or celebration. How are made for the night, the sky is the limit. They may have flashy colors and glitters, but ask for a neutral color blouse.

What did you think of the tips??? Leave your comment.