Sense Everywhere, HTC Smart

It seems that HTC It has decided that it’s interface Sense either the House brand, began tentatively with her to “hide” from the ancient Windows Mobile in the form of what then was called Touch Flo and is he reincarnated giving a look different from the novel Android in the Hero and even in the lower situated in the range HTC Tatoo.

Now it has decided to place Sense in lower-middle range phone and presents the HTC Smart, It works with an operating system developed by Qualcomm and called BREW.

By what we see in the pictures is quite similar to the Touch 2 the Calca practically its dimensions (104 x 55 x 12, 8 mm) and weight (108 grams). If we talk about memory and processor already we see that it is not a “superphone”, with 300 Mhz processor, 256 MB of ROM and 256 MB of RAM. The screen is 2.8 inches and QVGA resolution.

In terms of connectivity, we have two of lime and sand, with HSDPA having Bluetooth 2.0 but not WiFi. If we speak of multimedia we have 3.5 mm headphone, at last HTC Forgot your proprietary connector, the camera is 3MP autofocus but with flash. And we can expand the storage with micro SD card.

The battery is 1100 MAH, for a phone of this nature and comparing that equip others with more popularity is not bad.

Another option to choose from and that certainly seems a maneuver aimed at that when all see a HTC identify it as such, regardless of the operating system that runs under Sense, they will have been hard to renounce it in the Nexus One…