Sell Mobile Phone: So Nothing Goes Wrong

It is September. Who already with the new Apple iPhone 7 souls, wonders: What to do with the old smartphone? Keep as a spare? Use both phones in parallel? Or sell the old mobile phone? The latter offers itself, it rinses nevertheless a few euro in the stressed Geldbörse back. So that nothing goes wrong, we have put together a few tips for mobile phone sales.

Tip 1: Do Not Forget To Back Up Data

Vacation photos, recordings from the last concert or your favorite music- on smartphones, all sorts of data is not always online. To prevent an annoying loss, we recommend you a complete data backup. This can be done with the iPhone via iTunes or via the iCloud, while you can access an Android on different file managers and Google Drive. Make sure all data is saved online or on your PC before resetting the phone to factory defaults or deleting the memory.

Tip 2: Transfer Contacts, Apps, And More

It Is Useful To Wait With The Sale Of The Old Smartphone, Until The New mobile phone is there. So you can, for example, transfer your contacts, but also some apps and other relevant content directly.Again, the easiest way to switch from one iPhone generation to another is via iTunes. Manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei, LG or Sony also offer software in fredericashops, which allows you to transfer data via the PC, if you have decided against the cloud variant.

Change From Android To Ios And Vice Versa

A cross-platform mobile phone change is sometimes difficult. Apple has developed the app Move to iOS, with the help of which you can transfer data from your Android to the new iPhone. Conversely, the change is less comfortable, but for example, Google Drive is good to manage.

Tip 3: Delete Data From The Mobile Phone

Before you seriously think about selling your phone, you should delete all your personal content and data. In any case, the smartphone is back on the factory settings. Then check whether the memory is really empty and the system is clean. For smartphones with a memory card slot, be sure to remove and format the card, as resetting the phone does not usually include this data.

Tip 4: Check The State Of The Smartphone

Now you have dealt extensively with the inner life of your retired smartphones. Time for a look at the optical condition of your faithful companion. Has the housing scratching? How does it look with the display? Are there any scratches or major damage? Of course, you can also sell a slightly damaged mobile phone, but in this case the value drops. A display break also means a function impairment. If the condition of the smartphone is correct, we recommend a proper cleaning after the visual inspection.

Tip 5: Sell Mobile Phone With Accessories And Packaging

Get the maximum out of the sale by offering your old phone and accessories. Seeks the packaging, headset and charging cables and any associated charging trays or memory cards and offers the smartphone as a complete package. Especially with newer and cultivated models you can score with it. Make sure that the accessories work properly before you sell your mobile phone.