Selfie Mirror Shoots Photos and Tweets Them Directly

An arm’s length distance from the lens: what makes the charm of Selfies is often a problem. The Selfie mirror solves this problem – the built-in camera allows photos from a distance and with an additional angle. The function of Selfie mirror immediately online can make the images on Twitter is practical.

The concept for the Selfie mirror comes by iStrategyLabs, an agency from Washington. The experiment is called S.E.L.F.I.E, which is the abbreviation for “Self Enhancing Live Feed Image Engine” with the mirror. The technique of the mirror is at all isn’t rocket science: behind the glass of the mirror a webcam two LED lights are, and a Mac mini.

Mirror Detects Certain People and Photographed Them

On the computer, a face recognition software is stored, so that the Mac can recognize mini certain people and begin the process of photography. The LEDs indicate the user levels through when the picture is taken. The software on the Mac mini provides the photo automatically with a default logo and upload it directly from Twitter.

By the small distance to the camera, the image with a manually launched Selfie is usually relatively No. This proves also the Oscar Selfie by DeGeneres, where thirteen people are closely crowded together. Who needs tips for the Knippsen of the perfect Selfies, you will here find it.