Select Split Air Conditioner 12000

The split air conditioner 12000 BTU may be the best option for your home or office.

If you are looking for an air conditioner, you certainly have heard of splits. They are well known for being appliances economic and silent. The split air conditioner 12000 is one of the most popular options for those who want to cool air in residential rooms with 20m2 and 15 m2 in the case of commercial areas.

Split air conditioning 12000 at home and in the office

The power of the equipment is measured in BTU (Bristish Thermal Unit). To determine what the extent necessary for cooling the space, a calculation is made ​​to relate the area to the amount of BTUs. Some factors also influence this account. They are: incidence of sunlight, the number of people attending the environment, lighting and the amount of electronics in place. Therefore, business rooms need more power, even if the film is similar to a residential room such as a bedroom or living room. If you have questions, learn how to do the calculation.

How does a split air conditioner

The split air conditioning 12000, as well as other models, has two parts: the evaporator installed inside the room, which is responsible for sucking the air space, cool it and return it cold to the site and the condenser that leads to the external environment heat sucked through the evaporator and then condenses. The condenser is the largest source of noise in the equipment. In the case of split air conditioner, the condenser is outside of the construction to avoid unwanted noise.

Tips for installing split air conditioning

The choice of where the equipment will be installed is very important. The condenser and evaporator are interconnected by wires and pipes. The closer the parties are, the greater the saving of materials needed for installation and also lower your expenses with skilled labor.

Never place the air outlet positioned on electronics because they can be damaged if water escape through the evaporator. Places exposed to the sun should be avoided. Remember that there must be a comfortable distance between the unit and the ceiling, as it will be necessary to remove the filter for cleaning.

Care mains and hydraulic

Each air conditioner that you are installing must have a specific circuit breaker with exclusive wiring for it. Otherwise, the electrical network may become overloaded and the life of the device may decrease and even put the property at risk. Locations where the air conditioning pipe interferes with electrical and hydraulic installations should be disregarded.

Model environmentally friendly

Many of the split air conditioner models use the refrigerant R-410. These are called reverse. They are environment friendly and ensure a low environmental impact. In addition, the devices that use this type of gas use less energy. By opting for reverse air conditioning, you save on electricity bill and help the environment. You will find these and many other models of air conditioning split the best market prices. Check out our special offers!

Maintenance and Cleaning

Keep your air conditioning clean and avoid the proliferation of fungi and bacteria in the environment. The frequency of cleaning depends on the incidence of dust on site. If it is too exposed to dust, clean the filter once a week. Otherwise, once a month is enough. Maintenance should be done annually. For this, call a technician to evaluate the whole of the device.

With these tips, it is easier to hit the choice of the device! Like it? Share!