See The Furniture and Decor in Liquidation

For those who are looking for change, but don’t want to spend a lot, you can invest in the settlements that the decoration and furniture stores are offering. Reach 70% discounts on items such as sofas, armchairs, racks and much more. Check below some stores that are in liquidation of furniture and decoration.

Almeida House

The dissolution of the House, which sells clothes of bed, bath & beyond in São Paulo, promotes discounts of up to 50% on Buddemeyer products. The promotion began the day 04/02 and stay in the air until while supplies last.

D&D Mall

The boot out of the D&D Valley Mall until the day 21/02 reach 50% discounts at bed, bath & beyond, kitchens, furniture, accessories & decorative items, rooms, beds and mattresses.


The store is offering up to 70% discounts on furniture, decoration, lighting, housewares, rugs, bed and bath. Among the many items available it is possible to find a side table of R$ by R$ 199.90 69.90. R$ 2,999.00 sofas by R$ 1,499.00. In addition, every 1,000 R$ in purchases, you earn a bonus 100.00 R$. The promotion is valid until 29/02.

My wooden Mobile

Online store specializing in furniture and decorative items, signed and with 100% national production, offers discounts of up to 70% to more than 200 products of the brand portfolio, which includes sofas, beds, chairs, armchairs, tables, bookshelves and decorative items. The action is valid until day 29 February. For those who pay the Bill still has more 10% discount.


Mobly online store is promoting discounts in various categories. It is possible to buy upholstered furniture, tables, chairs, beds, furniture for outdoor area and lighting with up to 60% off.


The Oppa is promoting the Sofa Week, discount of up to 50%. In addition, on the site you can find discounts on most loved categories, which also reach 50%.

Tok & Stock

The webshop daTok & Stok is giving discounts of up to 70% on furniture and accessories, while in physical stores discounts reaching 50%.