Security Is Poor in Mobile Banking Applications

Mobile banking applications have too little security, such sounds from the Swedish data supervision.

The security of the applications, as most major banks offer customers, is far too small. There must be tightened up otherwise we prohibit mobile banks, says the Swedish reply on data supervision Data inspection. It writes our site.

It is both Nordea, Handelsbanken and Danske Bank, which has security problems in their applications. Hackers have for delete access to the information, which is attached between the banking customer and bank account. It writes our site.

It is not only customers’ money, which is in danger, it is more the personal information, which is bound together with a bank account and can be misused in other contexts.

-“For example, what have you bought, you’ve been with a doctor and paid a medical bill, how much do you get paid and what loans do you have,” says Adolf Slama, the it security expert with Data inspection.

There should be no more than a personal identification number and password to, so there may be logged on a person’s Internet banking from any phone.

The data Inspectorate has especially been out after the major Danish banks Danske Bank, Handelsbanken and Nordea with a requirement to get a handle on security. It has meant that Nordea and Handelsbanken has signed an agreement with Data inspection, which make application limited to one unit. This solution has the Danske Bank is not selected.

The solution which Danske Bank has chosen is not the decrease of Data inspection, taste, and have therefore been instructed to find a better and more secure solution, otherwise fall hammer and application is prohibited.